Misc Unsigned Bands

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10 Things - Jam 1  (guitar tab)
10 Things - Jam 2  (guitar tab)
10 Things - This Girl  (guitar tab)
12th Avenue - Sit At Home  (guitar tab)
13 Ways - Queen Of Hearts  (guitar tab)
15 Ways - Drive  (guitar tab)
16 Droenz - Damn  (guitar tab)
18a - The Untitled Song  (guitar tab)
2020 Vision - Hokey Pokey  (guitar tab)
2020 Vision - Im Leaving  (guitar tab)
2020 Vision - Justice  (guitar tab)
2020 Vision - Think Twice  (guitar tab)
26 Fifty - She Had Me  (guitar tab)
3 More Steps - No Memory  (guitar tab)
33 West - 17  (guitar tab)
4sf - Rembering You Intro  (guitar tab)
4th Degree Burn - Need  (guitar tab)
5 And Dime - Watch Out  (guitar tab)
6-9 Monster - Taste Like  (guitar tab)
616 - Ricticous  (guitar tab)
616 - Wasting Time  (guitar tab)
7 Me 7 - Flutura  (guitar tab)
7625 - Twisted  (guitar tab)
98 Central - Green City  (guitar tab)
Aak - Anti Hero Intro  (guitar tab)
Aaron Ross - Jack Kerouac  (guitar tab)
Aaz - Akhiyan  (guitar tab)
Abandoned - Falling  (guitar tab)
Abandoned - Runaway  (guitar tab)
Abandoned - Track 2  (guitar tab)
Abc - 799  (guitar tab)
Abc - Funaki  (guitar tab)
Abc - Funakis Return  (guitar tab)
Acid Inc - Its Ok  (guitar tab)
Adex - Nonviolence  (guitar tab)
Aftertears - Walk Away  (guitar tab)
Aggressive Audio - Lingin  (guitar tab)
Aggressive Audio - Lingin  (guitar chord)
Airdate - For You  (guitar tab)
Alchemy - Changes  (guitar tab)
Alexic - The Letter  (guitar tab)
Alliance 49 - Freaked Out  (guitar tab)
Almost Cool - Miss You  (guitar tab)
Alternates - Weekend Girl  (guitar tab)
Alternosfer - Asta Vara  (guitar tab)
Amapola - Revenge Bass  (guitar tab)
Ambulance Ltd - Primitive  (guitar tab)
Amidy - Nameless  (guitar tab)
Amplifire!!  (guitar tab)
Andy Gullahorn- If I Were  (guitar tab)
Angelic - The 501  (guitar tab)
Another Sunday - Given  (guitar tab)
Aprilla - Freaks Of Nature  (guitar chord)
Arsen - Hypnotism  (guitar tab)
Arsenic - Christine  (guitar tab)
Asimov - Vitamin-d  (guitar tab)
Asma - A Good Solo  (guitar tab)
Asma - Dejected  (guitar tab)
Asma - Hand Of Souls  (guitar tab)
Asma - Nothing Whole  (guitar tab)
Asma - Phantom Whispers  (guitar tab)
Associate - Rough  (guitar tab)
Astring Asoul - Goodbye  (guitar tab)
Audio Impact - No Name  (guitar tab)
Audio Journey - Angel  (guitar tab)
Aureal - Eres Sol  (guitar tab)
Aureal - Eterna Confusion  (guitar tab)
Aureal - Panico  (guitar tab)
Aureal - Renacer  (guitar tab)
Aureal - Suenos  (guitar tab)
Automatic - 33 West  (guitar tab)
Aven Reachout - Tempting  (guitar tab)
Avengers - Begginer Shiz  (guitar tab)
B-randon - Random-ness  (guitar tab)
Backyard Novicane - Byn  (guitar tab)
Bad Idea - Infect  (guitar tab)
Ballkinks - Devils Words  (guitar tab)
Bankrupt - No Anything  (guitar tab)
Bare Egil Band - Gunnar  (guitar tab)
Barricade - Highlander  (guitar tab)
Bass N Helen - Olethan  (guitar tab)
Bbrb - Edb  (guitar tab)
Bbrb - Michaels Song  (guitar tab)
Bdi - Get Out Of My Life  (guitar tab)
Bell X1 - Alphabet Soup  (guitar tab)
Bessa - Unik  (guitar tab)
Betontod - Intregration  (guitar tab)
Betrayed - Terror  (guitar tab)
Big B - Addicted  (guitar tab)
Bl4nc - Back From Rehab  (guitar tab)
Black Elemente - The End  (guitar tab)
Blackdot - Empty  (guitar tab)
Blackdot - Enigma  (guitar tab)
Blacklite - Ummmm  (guitar tab)
Blacklite - Unnameable  (guitar tab)
Blades - Mr Dj  (guitar tab)
Blades - Ouch  (guitar tab)
Blinded Youth - But Why  (guitar tab)
Blondatta - Ill  (guitar tab)
Blondatta - No Wave  (guitar tab)
Bloodthirsty - Spawned  (guitar tab)
Bloodwork - Impurity  (guitar tab)
Bloodwork - Send The Pain  (guitar tab)
Blu Circle - Start It Up  (guitar tab)
Blue Year - Next Time  (guitar tab)
Bluefunk - Krucified  (guitar tab)
Blues Scale  (guitar tab)
Bmc - Apology  (guitar tab)
Boom Boom Boom!!  (guitar tab)
Boyce Avenue - Find Me  (guitar tab)
Branded - Reflection  (guitar tab)
Breakbenifit - Salvation  (guitar tab)
Breed77 - Rise  (guitar tab)
Broken Truce - Psychiatry  (guitar tab)
Bruddha - First Chances  (guitar tab)
Brute Force - Brute Force  (guitar tab)
Btg - Revelation Of Snark  (guitar tab)
Cadbury - Heaven Tonight  (guitar tab)
Cado - Spanish Romance  (guitar tab)
Caelum Ferrum - Coldfire  (guitar tab)
Caje - Not Fair  (guitar tab)
Call - Nishaan  (guitar tab)
Canan Nuri - Not Enough  (guitar tab)
Cast Of Family - Femela  (guitar tab)
Cast Of Family - Ysv X  (guitar tab)
Cfs - Dumbarton Anthem  (guitar tab)
Chainlock - Locker  (guitar tab)
Chapter 34 - Jote  (guitar tab)
Cheapshot - Let Em Fold  (guitar tab)
Chillz - Chillin  (guitar tab)
Chillz - Dark Gangsta  (guitar tab)
Chronic Phobia - Gorilla  (guitar tab)
Chykopuffs - Sikreto  (guitar tab)
Circus - Theme Song  (guitar tab)
Classmate 67 - Untitled  (guitar tab)
Cloudy Readers - Wonderer  (guitar tab)
Co3 - Do Not Enter  (guitar tab)
Cold Steel - Undertaker  (guitar tab)
Concept - Iraque  (guitar tab)
Confusedness - Mr Marsh  (guitar tab)
Cookies In Bed - Thankyou  (guitar tab)
Cope - The Shotgun  (guitar tab)
Cornucopia - Atf  (guitar tab)
Counterlife - Blackism  (guitar tab)
Crackers - Shave  (guitar tab)
Crackers - Thats Not Mine  (guitar tab)
Crash Code - Hypnosys  (guitar tab)
Critical Mass - Unamed  (guitar tab)
Cromok - Another You  (guitar tab)
Cromok - Misty  (guitar tab)
Cromok - The Gift  (guitar tab)
Cross Flag - Role Model  (guitar tab)
Crusiform - Face-to-face  (guitar tab)
Cumulus - Lifeless  (guitar tab)
Cursed - Cursed  (guitar tab)
Dagon - Antichrist  (guitar tab)
Dagon - Antichrist Bass  (guitar tab)
Dagon - Beast Within  (guitar tab)
Dagon - Dagon  (guitar tab)
Dagon - Lies  (guitar tab)
Dagon - Limb By Limb  (guitar tab)
Dagon - Waste  (guitar tab)
Damyan - Angels Let Go  (guitar tab)
Danita - Kung Wala Na Nga  (guitar tab)
Dark Vallies - Feel  (guitar tab)
Darkjyn - A Just Cause  (guitar tab)
David Bobby Zach - Relate  (guitar tab)
Davine - My Oh My Bass  (guitar tab)
Dead Mess - Bleak  (guitar tab)
Death Among Us - Bleed  (guitar tab)
Deathmask - Sam Adams  (guitar tab)
Deathmask - Swayze Crazy  (guitar tab)
Deathmask - Wings To Go  (guitar tab)
Deathscent - Never Be  (guitar tab)
Decastich - Reminiscions  (guitar tab)
Decibel - Naagin  (guitar tab)
Ded Parrot - My Life  (guitar tab)
Defend Tonight - Song 1  (guitar tab)
Defiant - Tears Inside Me  (guitar tab)
Defused - Xm-s Entrance  (guitar tab)
Dellwood - First Impulse  (guitar tab)
Delta 9 - Epitaph  (guitar tab)
Demoror - Abandoned Hope  (guitar tab)
Dependent 613 - Crawling  (guitar tab)
Detached - Numbers  (guitar tab)
Diablo - Tristram  (guitar tab)
Diexis - Caught In Bass  (guitar tab)
Dinley - Lucy  (guitar tab)
Dirty Wormz - Greazy  (guitar tab)
Disagree - Crumbs  (guitar tab)
Disagree - Suicide Note  (guitar tab)
Discord - Sexy Needle  (guitar tab)
Dog Poop - Cat Poop  (guitar tab)
Dog Poop - Joe  (guitar tab)
Dog Poop - Jungle Heat  (guitar tab)
Dog Poop - King Size  (guitar tab)
Downfall - Pleasure Pain  (guitar tab)
Draco - The Slacker  (guitar tab)
Dream - My Will  (guitar tab)
Drift - Taste  (guitar tab)
Dualshock - Gay And Proud  (guitar tab)
Duckbomb - Americant Bass  (guitar tab)
Duckbomb - Mascara Bass  (guitar tab)
Duckbomb - Rockstar Bass  (guitar tab)
Dugan - Klone Theory Bass  (guitar tab)
Duktil - Nunca Imagine  (guitar tab)
Duktil - Sabes  (guitar tab)
Dumbledores Army - Melvin  (guitar tab)
Dysfunktional - Lonely  (guitar tab)
E-s - Jumping Bridges  (guitar tab)
Eccowave - Smooth  (guitar tab)
Edenwood - Edenwood  (guitar tab)
Ego-trip - Dont Listen  (guitar tab)
El Bando - Rock And Roll  (guitar tab)
Emerald - Beat The World  (guitar tab)
Emergency Exit - 2nd Song  (guitar tab)
Empathicity - Unknown  (guitar tab)
Enigmatics - Haunted  (guitar tab)
Envirocides - Dirt  (guitar tab)
Envirocides - Dirt Intro  (guitar tab)
Ep - Fitrat  (guitar tab)
Ep - Fitrat Solo  (guitar tab)
Ephemeral Life - Violator  (guitar tab)
Equalizer - Sweet Mary  (guitar tab)
Equalizer - Sweet Mary  (guitar chord)
Eskimo - Superstar  (guitar tab)
Evans - Drink And Drive  (guitar tab)
Evans - Live On The Edge  (guitar tab)
Evans - Roadtrippin  (guitar tab)
Evans - The Friend  (guitar tab)
Exit 181 - Spring Break  (guitar tab)
Exsurant - Burning World  (guitar tab)
Extra Baggage - The Water  (guitar tab)
Eyescream - My Fears  (guitar tab)
Factre - F5 (solo)  (guitar tab)
Faded Vision - Decent  (guitar tab)
Fallen Aces - Sunshine  (guitar tab)
Fallobst - Stueckchen  (guitar tab)
Fate - Tragic Losses  (guitar tab)
Fiftyone - Heartbreak  (guitar tab)
Filterscrew - Paano Na  (guitar tab)
Fire Kennel - Ignition  (guitar tab)
Five Foot Fly - Fly High  (guitar tab)
Flawd - True Face  (guitar tab)
Flight 409 - Operator  (guitar tab)
Fondue Pot - Cant Think  (guitar tab)
Foxtrot - Endless Orbit  (guitar tab)
Frantic State - Vindicate  (guitar tab)
Free Beer - Filthy Rich  (guitar tab)
Fresh Off The Boat - Hey  (guitar tab)
Frozen Over - Moon Dance  (guitar tab)
Fuck - Speener (intro)  (guitar tab)
Fueled By Hate - Driven  (guitar tab)
Fuhgawz - Capiche  (guitar tab)
Fuhgawz - Improfety  (guitar tab)
Fuhgawz - Vamos A Topsy  (guitar tab)
Fulkcan - Send Me Away  (guitar tab)
Funtwo - Carol Rock  (guitar tab)
Fyos - Retards  (guitar tab)
Fyr - Fluoride Pigeon  (guitar tab)
Gandul Matei - Liberty  (guitar tab)
Gang-st1 - Aldimand  (guitar tab)
Gang-st1 - Boten Anna  (guitar tab)
Gauze - Alex  (guitar tab)
Gavina - Fender Bender  (guitar tab)
Genrev - In Your Hands  (guitar tab)
Gifted - Gutted  (guitar tab)
Gifted - Kill God  (guitar tab)
Give Em Hot Milk - Alone  (guitar tab)
Gloria - Minha Paz  (guitar tab)
Go Ahead - Supposedly  (guitar tab)
Go Betty Go - C'mon  (guitar tab)
Go Betty Go - Cmon  (guitar tab)
Go Cats Go  (guitar tab)
Gonzaw - Arcanium  (guitar tab)
Gonzaw - Escalpium  (guitar tab)
Gonzaw - Estanium  (guitar tab)
Gonzaw - Rainium  (guitar tab)
Goukisan-guitar Vs Piano  (guitar tab)
Grey Box - My Struggle  (guitar tab)
Grimm - Monkey Love  (guitar tab)
Guard Rails - Sleep  (guitar tab)
Guard Rails - Why  (guitar tab)
Half Awake - For Honor  (guitar tab)
Half Awake - My Friend  (guitar tab)
Hank Marvin - Sleepwalk  (guitar tab)
Harlekin - What I Can Be  (guitar tab)
Harlots - Alien  (guitar tab)
Hastwerk - Klaimsen  (guitar tab)
Hazard - Vegetarian Pork  (guitar tab)
Headlong - Homeless  (guitar tab)
Hear No Evil - Today  (guitar tab)
Heated Vengence - Kill  (guitar tab)
Heated Vengence - Spider  (guitar tab)
Help Wanted - Not Fair  (guitar tab)
Hoax Uk - Kicking Off  (guitar tab)
Hoist - There There  (guitar tab)
Hoopaa - Fossils  (guitar tab)
Hopeless - Confused  (guitar tab)
Hot Machines - Cant Feel  (guitar tab)
Hourglass- ' Pretend'  (guitar tab)
Hourglass- ' Saving You'  (guitar tab)
Hyper 25 - Sure  (guitar tab)
Hypnotix-2000 - Triumph  (guitar tab)
Icarus - Babe Im Movin On  (guitar tab)
Icarus - Your Lullaby  (guitar tab)
Icarus - Your Lullaby  (guitar chord)
Idyetz - Captain Cool  (guitar tab)
Idyetz - Noname  (guitar tab)
Idyetz - Noname Bass  (guitar tab)
Idyetz - Terror  (guitar tab)
Idyetz - Terror Bass  (guitar tab)
Ill Sight - Bikahaalugaa  (guitar tab)
Ill Sight - Eheelun  (guitar tab)
Illegal Left - Bubbles  (guitar tab)
Imik - Piya  (guitar tab)
Impulse - Throughout  (guitar tab)
In Denmark - Skim Milk  (guitar tab)
In Love And Hate - 300  (guitar tab)
In Theory - Hello Other  (guitar tab)
Infear - Stars Of War  (guitar tab)
Infektyd - Necrophobia  (guitar tab)
Inhumane - The One  (guitar tab)
Inside Out - By A Thread  (guitar tab)
Inspired - Follow Me  (guitar tab)
Instinct - Say You  (guitar tab)
Intrakit - Save Me  (guitar tab)
Ischemia - Utsushimi  (guitar tab)
Itchycoo Park - Cassandra  (guitar tab)
Jard - Screaming  (guitar tab)
Jealous Sound - Fold Out  (guitar tab)
Jeez - Hoooot  (guitar tab)
Junjerias Farm - Smoother  (guitar tab)
Justice - Tonick  (guitar tab)
Karavan - Gardish  (guitar tab)
Kerplunk - The Truth  (guitar tab)
Klakk - Lebeges  (guitar tab)
Kollegent Level - No Help  (guitar tab)
Konspiracy - Diary  (guitar tab)
Konspiracy - Only One  (guitar tab)
Kool Shades - Danger Sign  (guitar tab)
Kool Shades - Desert Surf  (guitar tab)
Kool Shades - Placebos  (guitar tab)
Kraze - Yeah  (guitar tab)
Kreig - Set Me Free  (guitar tab)
Kssl - A Stroke Of Luck  (guitar tab)
Kulsyre - Aahh Susanne  (guitar tab)
Last Promise - Burning  (guitar tab)
Leeway - Product  (guitar tab)
Lesser Earless - Tp  (guitar tab)
Levin - In Love With Lush  (guitar tab)
Lithium - Therapy  (guitar tab)
Living Daylights - Decide  (guitar tab)
Lo - So Julie  (guitar tab)
Lockdown - Bite The Knife  (guitar tab)
Logan Buie - Razor  (guitar tab)
Lojic - Father Time  (guitar tab)
Lookingback - Fly  (guitar tab)
Loose Cannon - 32  (guitar tab)
Lost Lies - Heaven  (guitar tab)
Low Frecuency - The End  (guitar tab)
Lucy Star - Better Place  (guitar tab)
Madflow - Sarong Banggi  (guitar tab)
Magic Bullet - In My Head  (guitar tab)
Mainline - To The Floor  (guitar tab)
Marvel Heights - Feeling  (guitar tab)
Mattkilla Inc - Death Jam  (guitar tab)
Mattrach - New Canon Rock  (guitar tab)
Meganoidi - Zeta Reticoli  (guitar tab)
Memoir - Shes Gone  (guitar tab)
Menaya - What If  (guitar chord)
Metallic Woos - Falling  (guitar tab)
Method 68 - 2020 Slash  (guitar tab)
Method 68 - Somebody  (guitar tab)
Metromax - Jemima  (guitar tab)
Michael Barrett - The End  (guitar tab)
Michael Buble- Home  (guitar tab)
Midweek - Far Away  (guitar tab)
Midweek- Slipping Dream  (guitar tab)
Mildvibe - Time To Stay  (guitar tab)
Mindistortion - Jockstap  (guitar tab)
Minor Federation - System  (guitar tab)
Mizmaar - Kash  (guitar tab)
Mmb - Untitled  (guitar tab)
Mmf - Loves Such A Drag  (guitar tab)
Mooseknuckles - Time  (guitar tab)
Morelli Reed - Aa Flyer  (guitar tab)
Mst For Life - Do It So  (guitar tab)
Muerte - Dearly Departed  (guitar tab)
Murgent - Gold  (guitar tab)
My Darkest Days - Save Me  (guitar tab)
My Fake Death - Freek  (guitar tab)
Mysteria - Mysteria  (guitar tab)
Mysteria - Stairway  (guitar tab)
Natasha Jd - Lagrimas  (guitar tab)
Necromassacre - Untitled  (guitar tab)
Neither One - Nada One  (guitar tab)
Neuroplay - Untitled  (guitar tab)
New Age Murder - Deadball  (guitar tab)
Next Of Kin - Flatline  (guitar tab)
Nextdoor - Broken Star  (guitar tab)
Nhia - Powaa  (guitar tab)
No Boundariez - May 13th  (guitar tab)
No Remote - Oxygen  (guitar tab)
No Talent - Crazy Stuff  (guitar tab)
No Thoughts - Complicated  (guitar tab)
No Way - My Old Guitar  (guitar tab)
Noisy Box - Hoy No  (guitar tab)
Northcliff - Stay With Me  (guitar tab)
Not Available - Dixie  (guitar tab)
Not In Public - Insomnia  (guitar tab)
Not Normal - Stella  (guitar tab)
Novation - Rewind  (guitar tab)
Numskulls - Franticness  (guitar tab)
Nurl - Paranoia  (guitar tab)
Nurl - Pink Elephants  (guitar tab)
Nurl - Smashed Face  (guitar tab)
Nymph - Problem Country  (guitar tab)
Oakdene - Smile  (guitar tab)
Oakdene - Sun  (guitar tab)
Obelisk - Computer God  (guitar tab)
Off Season - Untitled  (guitar tab)
Old Skool - Cant You See  (guitar tab)
One Man Empire - Dictator  (guitar tab)
Origami - For You  (guitar tab)
Ost My Hearth - My Hearth  (guitar tab)
Oubliette - Sam Sam Sam  (guitar tab)
Our Last Day - Demo  (guitar tab)
Our Last Day - Why  (guitar tab)
Out Look - Suffacation  (guitar tab)
Out Of Order - 619  (guitar tab)
Outta Sight - Trying  (guitar tab)
Overdrive 75 - Untitled 1  (guitar tab)
Overkill - 1230  (guitar tab)
Overkill - Jizz Day  (guitar tab)
Overtone - Hurt And Lost  (guitar tab)
P-101 - Pr0-view  (guitar tab)
Pagoda - Death To Birth  (guitar tab)
Paige - Here Without You  (guitar tab)
Paint It Red - Believe  (guitar tab)
Painted South - Hero  (guitar tab)
Pale Riders - Mr Blue  (guitar tab)
Pandemia - Stiffness  (guitar tab)
Paradox - Forgetfull Love  (guitar tab)
Paramnesia - Cold World  (guitar tab)
Paramnesia - Lost  (guitar tab)
Parikrama - But It Rained  (guitar tab)
Paroxysm - Dont Know  (guitar tab)
Penfield - From The Dead  (guitar tab)
Penta - We Plead Insanity  (guitar tab)
Pepper - Boot  (guitar tab)
Pepper - Give It Up  (guitar tab)
Pepper - Stone Love  (guitar tab)
Pepper - Toungues  (guitar tab)
Person L - Storms  (guitar tab)
Phat Dawg - Flour  (guitar tab)
Phoenix - Where You Been  (guitar tab)
Phyton - Calling Out  (guitar tab)
Pierced - Hard To Be  (guitar tab)
Pierced - Not Forsaken  (guitar tab)
Plan Bs - He Is Here  (guitar tab)
Point Of Impact - Flying  (guitar tab)
Point Zero - Who Cares  (guitar tab)
Pomeroy - Roboflow Intro  (guitar tab)
Pork Pennys - Baby Wine  (guitar tab)
Possessors - Understand  (guitar tab)
Presence Of Mind - Hope  (guitar tab)
Primitive Charisma - 13  (guitar tab)
Pro Unleashed - Shut Up  (guitar tab)
Punk Weasels - Graffiti  (guitar tab)
Punkle Unk - Self Titled  (guitar tab)
Puscifer - Momma Sed  (guitar tab)
Pyrochild - Ice Cream Man  (guitar tab)
Pyschosis - Death Solo  (guitar tab)
Quantom Leap - Cousins Go  (guitar tab)
Quasar - I Need You  (guitar tab)
Quickdraw - Security Bass  (guitar tab)
Rabble - Salvation  (guitar tab)
Radio Flyer - Confused  (guitar tab)
Rameses - Sabre Tooth  (guitar tab)
Random Acoustic Song  (guitar tab)
Razorapple - Blah  (guitar tab)
Reap - Sotbdii  (guitar tab)
Rebels - Get A Grip  (guitar tab)
Red Conflict - Memory  (guitar tab)
Red Degree - Difference  (guitar tab)
Red Degree - Out Of Reach  (guitar tab)
Red Night - Home Again  (guitar tab)
Red Valley - Nevermind  (guitar tab)
Redd 76 - All Alone  (guitar tab)
Redd 76 - Instant Replay  (guitar tab)
Refad - Blinded By A Fool  (guitar tab)
Rejected Death - Unknown  (guitar tab)
Rejected Radio - Boston  (guitar tab)
Remedy - Gone In The Wind  (guitar tab)
Rench - Miss Perfect  (guitar tab)
Revenue - Chineseman  (guitar tab)
Revolation - Convicted  (guitar tab)
Rice- Be Happy  (guitar tab)
Riffa - Made-up Song  (guitar tab)
Rising - Cradle Intro  (guitar tab)
Risk 113 - Sgr  (guitar tab)
Rizal Underground - Bilanggo  (guitar chord)
Rockabunny - Beads  (guitar tab)
Rockabunny -goodbye  (guitar tab)
Rooster - Come Get Some  (guitar tab)
Route 101 - Disease  (guitar tab)
Route 101 - Disease Bass  (guitar tab)
Route 101 - Im A Hero  (guitar tab)
Route 101 - My Apologies  (guitar tab)
Route 101 - Unpredictable  (guitar tab)
Royal Bliss - Fine Wine  (guitar tab)
Rump-le - Foundation  (guitar tab)
Rump-le - Public Aid  (guitar tab)
Rusty Barbed Wire - Palm  (guitar tab)
Sanctity - Why Does  (guitar tab)
Sand Spider - Honky Tonk  (guitar tab)
Sanitarium - Anymore  (guitar tab)
Sarezieh - Jenna Reid  (guitar tab)
Satans Angels - Undertole  (guitar tab)
Saturday  (guitar tab)
Sbbp - Skinless Man  (guitar tab)
Scholl Caleb - Fly Away  (guitar tab)
Sea Spong-the Craigs  (guitar tab)
Shame The Fury - I Know  (guitar tab)
Sharkpunch - Dinocore  (guitar tab)
Sharp Side Up - Teenman  (guitar tab)
She Loves Me-the Craigs  (guitar tab)
Shemp - Yohan  (guitar tab)
Shift - Stay Bass  (guitar tab)
Shiver - Rude Awakening  (guitar tab)
Shoemonkey - On The Pond  (guitar tab)
Siempre Fiel - I Need You  (guitar tab)
Silbermond - Einszweidrei  (guitar tab)
Silbermond - Endlich  (guitar tab)
Silbermond - Kartenhaus  (guitar tab)
Silbermond - Letzte Bahn  (guitar tab)
Silence No More - Prelude  (guitar tab)
Silent Sounds - Ready Far  (guitar tab)
Silver Wing - If Only  (guitar tab)
Sin Censura - Vete  (guitar tab)
Sindrome - No Name  (guitar tab)
Skar - Edge Of Insanity  (guitar tab)
Sky Walker - The Spider  (guitar tab)
Slime 69 - Youre Gone  (guitar tab)
Sln - Nicoles New Dog  (guitar tab)
Small Town 60 - Choices  (guitar tab)
Social Code - Beautiful  (guitar tab)
Solitude - Black Shirts  (guitar tab)
Spanish Romance  (guitar tab)
Spank - Just  (guitar tab)
Spatch 45 - Phone Call  (guitar tab)
Spatch 45 - Piss Of  (guitar tab)
Spider - Orchid Fiend  (guitar tab)
Spider - Relaku Pujuk  (guitar tab)
Spiral Staircase - First  (guitar tab)
Splash - Terror Tv  (guitar tab)
Splooge - Shun The Tickle  (guitar tab)
Sponge Cola - Cigarette  (guitar tab)
Sponge Cola - Jeepney  (guitar tab)
Sponge Cola - Lunes  (guitar tab)
Spooter - Hello Mcloud  (guitar tab)
Spooter - New Life  (guitar tab)
Ssg - Voyager  (guitar tab)
St Loki - Ready Intro  (guitar tab)
Steping On Your Toes  (guitar tab)
Stonegarth - Sing Silence  (guitar tab)
Straterra - Warphene  (guitar tab)
Strole - Zachs House  (guitar tab)
Style Stu - This Town  (guitar tab)
Suffer What Was - Woody  (guitar tab)
Superstar Kz - Freestailo  (guitar tab)
Swift-scope - Legacy Bass  (guitar tab)
Symphonic Haze - Gw  (guitar tab)
Synchole - Shipwreck  (guitar tab)
Syracuse - Song Number 2  (guitar tab)
Syreum - The Staff Of Ra  (guitar tab)
Taken - New Tattoo  (guitar tab)
Tenor7 - Have You Ever  (guitar tab)
Testing - Nonviolence  (guitar tab)
Tgb - Follow The Leader  (guitar tab)
The Afterlife - X111  (guitar tab)
The Attitude - Best Days  (guitar tab)
The Avery - Sound Asleep  (guitar tab)
The Ballad Of Tommy Jones  (guitar tab)
The Catholics - Home  (guitar tab)
The Clevs - Blue Fog  (guitar tab)
The Co-ordinates - Ass  (guitar tab)
The Core - Falling Apart  (guitar tab)
The Corners - Tealer  (guitar tab)
The Courteeners - Acrylic  (guitar tab)
The Courteeners - Acrylic  (guitar chord)
The Detours - Maria  (guitar tab)
The Detours - Maria Bass  (guitar tab)
The Dogs Bollocks - 8607  (guitar tab)
The Emo Kids - Alexs Song  (guitar tab)
The Eustasy - Aids  (guitar tab)
The Fallens - Virus  (guitar tab)
The Force - Heart Attack  (guitar tab)
The Fuzz - Down Slope  (guitar tab)
The Gnome - John Kirwan  (guitar tab)
The Gnome - Mr Jack Black  (guitar tab)
The Harlots - Stop  (guitar tab)
The Headliners - Rich Boy  (guitar tab)
The Krivosk - Broken  (guitar tab)
The Masturbats - Anne  (guitar tab)
The Mimes - Dead Leg Bass  (guitar tab)
The Movement - Easy Soul  (guitar tab)
The Neutralized - Cop  (guitar tab)
The Official - Saturday  (guitar tab)
The Owls - Luck  (guitar tab)
The Pits Of Hell - Reborn  (guitar tab)
The Pledge Drive - Musket  (guitar tab)
The Pledge Drive - Taxi  (guitar tab)
The Projectors - Uhhhh  (guitar tab)
The Projectors - Untitled  (guitar tab)
The Random Rockers  (guitar tab)
The Sectioned - 18  (guitar tab)
The Sellouts - Nameless  (guitar tab)
The Soe - Do It All Again  (guitar tab)
The Vaginals - Waterfall  (guitar tab)
The Waplakis - Untitled  (guitar tab)
Thelema - The Absence  (guitar tab)
Theory - Best Song Ever  (guitar tab)
Theory - Its Not Over  (guitar tab)
Therefore I Am - Aurora  (guitar tab)
Tmp - Alyssa  (guitar tab)
To9 - The Dark Road  (guitar tab)
Too Hei For Eis - Maxell  (guitar tab)
Tort Tribe - One Fine Day  (guitar tab)
Toxic Narcotic - Homebrew  (guitar tab)
Tritone - Bullet Fart  (guitar tab)
Turn - Do-hicky  (guitar tab)
Twisted Edge - Crazy  (guitar tab)
Uen - Amora  (guitar tab)
Uh Huh Her - Say So Bass  (guitar tab)
Under21 - Insane America  (guitar tab)
Underage - Burning Reason  (guitar tab)
Underdosed - Hope  (guitar tab)
Understatement - Hate  (guitar tab)
Universum - Faded  (guitar tab)
Unopened Lies - My Pain  (guitar tab)
V3o2version - Nonviolence  (guitar tab)
V5 - Homebound  (guitar tab)
Vaginal Incest - 123 Fuck  (guitar tab)
Vaginal Incest - Carnage  (guitar tab)
Vaginal Incest - Cuntcore  (guitar tab)
Valente - Home  (guitar tab)
Valente - Home Acoustic  (guitar tab)
Vanhal - Rip  (guitar tab)
Veggies - Still  (guitar tab)
Vein In Use - The Silence  (guitar tab)
Verbatym - Magna Carta  (guitar tab)
Versus Terminus - Unknown  (guitar tab)
Vertical Leap - Avant  (guitar tab)
Vertical Leap - Nothing  (guitar tab)
Vintage - Sick  (guitar tab)
Vintage - Somebody  (guitar tab)
Vintage - Statement  (guitar tab)
Virgo - The Wall  (guitar tab)
Viricidal - Untitled  (guitar tab)
Vision - Stir In Me  (guitar tab)
Vital Lusion - Eternal  (guitar tab)
Von Zeta - Wild Child  (guitar tab)
Vonogon - Fade Away  (guitar tab)
Warm Up  (guitar tab)
We Are Valid - Zippo  (guitar tab)
Weenus - Gia  (guitar tab)
Whale Bones - Go Kaitlin  (guitar tab)
White Matter - Pain  (guitar tab)
Williams - Empathy  (guitar tab)
Witch Beulah - Psycho  (guitar tab)
Witness - Sacred Stone  (guitar tab)
X-aisle - Raindrops  (guitar tab)
Xos - Let Me Go  (guitar tab)
Yer Pop - Odors Bass  (guitar tab)
You Want It All  (guitar tab)
You're Your Worst Enemy  (guitar tab)
Yzrd - Chill  (guitar tab)
Zeest - Sutta  (guitar tab)
Zeest - Sutta  (guitar chord)
Zither - Tale To The Fool  (guitar tab)
Zlednex - Heaven Or Hell  (guitar tab)
Znyx - Vaminos  (guitar tab)
Zygote - Biz  (guitar tab)
Zygote - C  (guitar tab)
Zygote - I Did It For You  (guitar tab)
Zygote - Kousharee  (guitar tab)
Zygote - Ladies  (guitar tab)
Zygote - Nejuan  (guitar tab)
Zygote - Static  (guitar tab)
Zygote - Sting Acoustic  (guitar tab)
Zygote - Two Tales  (guitar tab)
Zygote - Weather  (guitar tab)
Zzl - Cool Off Live  (guitar tab)