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Capo on second fret


Am                         C               G
I am a true irish man but there i was not born
    Am                       C                   G
Im living here in places far across the native foam
    Am                                C             G
I'd like to sit and have a drink and tell you of me day
   Am       G            Am    G     Am
I am what I am and I do not give a damn.


   Am                                 C                 G
I went to see me girl friend good morning to her say's do I
    Am                             C             G
Ah go away ya traitor for you'll tell to me no lies
      Am                                          C               G
you scorned my name with nothing but shame with your bed on your back
    Am                G               Am      G        Am
get on your bike and hit the road I won't be taking ya back


I went inside a session from night to early morn.
The music got inside my heart. My soul it had to play,
In between the fiddle and flute with a smile upon me face,
and the emptyness inside me heart the music did replace.


Well, I may travel far and wide and wander off astray
But an Irishman, it's in his heart and there will always stay
I'll bring the spirit with me and wander far away
And I'll bring it back again then i might just stay
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