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Capo 4
Chords in order C, G, Em, D
Verse 1
       C            G                         
He put his son, to die for me
Em                D5                     
Forgave, forgot, all my sins            
C                       G
 He locked me from, the sinnerís door
  Em            D5                      E5
Keeps, me safe, reassured.              Because


Thatís, my God
G          D5
My loving God
My saviour Lord.
C       D5
My only one
My Gracious
 D5 (play the a string to make it a D5/A)
My God

C                    G
He comforts those, who are in need,
Em                   D5
And helps the weary, and those who bleed.
C          G
He is sad, when we are sad.
Em            D5
He knows how, to cheer us up.

Chorus x2 

Instrumental outro
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