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Capo: 2nd fret

Chords used (relative to capo):
C#  x46600
A   577600
E   x79900
Bm  799700
G   355400

C#  A  E  Bm

C#                          A
The lights fade out in this crystal hole
E                    Bm
I can't see you from down below
C#      A               E   Bm
I can't do this without you

C#                           A
The green haze hides me from brighter days
E                            Bm
All I'm seeing are shades of grey,
C#      A               E   Bm
I can't do this without you

G                            A
The shield has crumbled, the fight begun
G                        A
The sky is buzzing, I'll never run

   E           Bm
My Cadence, my love song
      C#                    A  
These stars are shining for you alone,
E      Bm      A
I know I can't win
   E           Bm
My Cadence, my love song
C#                   A
Love's in bloom everywhere you go
E      Bm      A
I know I can't win, without you by my side

C#                      A
Best friends even since we were young
E                            Bm
I should have known. Can't believe I was wrong
C#     A              E    Bm
I need you here by my side

C#                       A
I've loved you since the day we met
E                          Bm
I know your heart wouldn't stray from me yet.
C#     A              E    Bm
I need you here by my side

G                        A
The queen has risen, the throne undone,
G                 A
Shining Armor you must hold on.

Bm                      A
I'll never run and I'll never hide
Bm                    A
I won't give up and I will not die
Bm                     A
I will stay strong and I will fight
G                       A
'Till you're here by my side!

Solo:  E Bm A
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