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 From TV series: Cougar Town

\ => strum-down, / => strum-up

4/4 \\A  \/\\C  \\G  \/\\G

A               C      G
Confident in my sexuality!
A         C       G
Just like Mariska Hargitay!
A               C      G
Confident in my sexuality!
A              C         G
Got a pedicure the other day!

\\A  \/\\C  \\G  \/\\G

A                      C     G
I wear pink shirts and fancy shoes,
A             C            G
I moisturize, look good in blue!
I drink Cabernet!
C     G

\\A  \/\\C  \\G  \/\\G

A               C      G
Confident in my sexuality!
A               C      G
Drove my Hybrid to the ballet!
A               C      G
Confident in my sexuality!
A         C       G
Just like, Mariska Hargitay!  

\\A  \/\\C  \\G  \/\\G
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