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Capo 3rd Fret

 Intro: G Em Am Dmaj X2

        G        Em
 So you left / nothing in your pocket
    Asus                   Dmaj
 mad as hell/ you said you weren't comming back
     G                   Em
 you turned around / took one more look
 and when I saw you look at me girl
 I knew we were through

 G       Fmaj    Em
 You lie to me

 G       Fmaj    
 You lie to me

   G   Fmaj  Em   Am                G    Fmaj    Em  Am
 Girl I knooooooowwww /  Gal I know you lie to me babe

       G            Em          Asus                     Dmaj
 When you got to Oklahoma / Wondered if they recognized you
  G                  Em             Asus                  
 They all said you were a loaner/  But I know it ain't true
 What they say about you 

  G       Fmaj       Em   Am
 Cuz You lie to me Girl
  G    Fmaj       Em      Am
 You lie to me girl
  Fmaj              Em    Am
 You had me feeling sooo down

  G                           Em
 You probably saw that sharp look in your eye
 You couldn't let go
 Why would you though

  Gsus           Em            Am            
 It was easy for me to tell / I feel bad for those other guys
 You're gonna run them to hell
  Gmaj          Fmaj Em Am
 Cuz you lie to me girl
  Gmaj          Fmaj Em Am
 Cuz you lie to me girl

  Am                  Gmaj             Fmaj       Em
 Could have been that picture you were sending to me
  Am                  Gmaj      Fmaj   Em
 Could have been those memories on the beach
  Am                  Gmaj   Fmaj        Em                                Am Asus 
 Could have been that time I drew a figure three / and laught cuz it wasn't a figure 8

 Gmaj            Fmaj   Em   Am
 Girl you lie to me / Girl/  Girl
  Gmaj      Fmaj  Em   Am
 You lie to me Girl /

 Gmaj                                                Em
 I know the rosy cheeks weren't rosy from doing math homework
 I saw the way you lookin at him girl
 It was obvious to anybody who had a chromosome in their brain
 Gmaj                         Em                     Asus
 I knew exactly what you were doin' / With the sweat drippin' off his brow
 Well hell he had a towel on /

 Gmaj            Fmaj   Em   Am
 And you lied to me girl /
  Gmaj               Fmaj  Em    Am  
 You tried to lie to me girl

  Gmaj                             Em
 You tried to turn me in to campus security
                      Asus                Dmaj
 Because I turned and punched a wall / A billboard to be exact
  Gmaj                       Em
 Got me written up in all my papers
 Hell they made me go to behavior counseling for that
 What they didn't know
 Is what you were really doin
 Gmaj       Fmaj   Em    Am
 You lie to me girl
 Gmaj       Fmaj   Em     Am
 You lie to me girl
 Gmaj                        Em
 Now you think that you're a rock star
 And you gotta cancel your shows
 Cuz you broke your freakin' hip!
 Serves you right/ 
 Gmaj           Fmaj   Em  Am
 Cuz you Lie to me Girl
 Gmaj           Fmaj   Em   Am
 Cuz you lie to me Girl
 Take that venom
 Gmaj       Fmaj    Em   Am
 You lie to me Girl
 You Lie......
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