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G |--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|
A |---0--8--3--5-------------------|
E |--------------------------------|


G |------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------|
A |---0--8--3--5------0-----3--5-------|
E |-------------------------1----------|


G |---------------------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------------------|
A |---7--8--3--5---7-7-7-7-7-8---3-5------------|
E |---------------------------------------------|

Chorus #1

G |--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|
A |----3--------------8------------|
E |---------3---5------------------|


G |------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------|
A |----5----8----3----------5--------3----10-------|
E |-------------------3-----------1----------------|

Last chorus

G |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D |--------5------5-------7-------3--------------5------5-----7----3----------|
A |----3--------------0-----------------------3-------------0-----------------| x2
E |------------3---------------1----------------------3-----------------------|
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