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Key: B

Chords used:
B       x24442
F#      244322
Abm     466444
E       02210
C#m     x46654
F#/Bb   x143xx


Angels And Airwaves   Epic Holiday vibe here
Abm  F#  B   x2


B  C#m  B  F#  E  F#  E  F#

Verse 1:
I Never let you down boy
I'll never let you go
You're selling good life and
F# E
so innocent and scary
So tell me that you're a good boy
He says even if she knows
when God recurred with time
F#    E
  got meaning quite too low
It's like the universe has left me
Now not a place to go
With I am came to lights
F#   E
  To watch the movement glow
with our song slowly started
It Never felt so real
First against my will
F#     E
  Till God takes a chill

Chorus 1:
     B          C#m     E
yeah I saw your ghost tonight
The moment I felt so real
B                C#m      E
  Your eyes stay right on mine
My wings start to heal

Post Chorus: B(hold)
B  E  B  F#  E  F#  E  F#

Verse 2:
The kids are in a hurry
And times are full of fear
The lights make a body bloated
 F#          E
spitting and hard enough to hear
It's like the evidence is
careful and evidently clear
If I remember leaving
this dance floor
I'll never leave you here

(Repeat Chorus 1)

Chorus 2:
B             C#m     E
  I felt your ghost tonight
   F#               B
Oh God it felt like hell
               C#m    E
To know you're almost mine
Like dreams are all I feel

Interlude: B  F# F#/Bb B  x4, B  E F#

Chorus 3:
     B             C#m     E
Yeah I, I Saw your ghost tonight
   F#                B
It fucking hurt like hell
           C#m    E
I felt you here tonight
   F#                B
My dreams can all be real
                   C#m     E
Yeah I, I Saw your ghost tonight
   F#                B
It fucking hurt like hell
           C#m    E
I felt you here tonight
   F#                B(hold)
My dreams can all be real
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