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Reach the truth
In the deep of your soul
Where the reality
is not allowed to enter
You're tired
Trying to build your destiny
Sunken into things
That don't belong to you, you live

My mind has been grazed
By a frozen wind and I've seen
The water that is dried
Like sand wind its spreading it
Life's gliding to the hands
It is just a strange illusion
Life's sea in storm
Like a small boat, sweep you away?

Can't you hear
The whisper coming out of the wall
Can't you see
The mist that blind your eyes?
There is something behind
There is something beyond
There is something behind

A painful thrill is born
To spread his waves on my back
From head to feet
Upset the order of my body
To ruin with fury
Every building of my beliefs

I close my eyes
I open my heart to revelation
And push myself
To a brave journey full of deceptions
Deep inside of me
Towards behind, towards beyond
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