Molly Hatchet

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Aint Even Close  (guitar tab)
Beatin The Odds  (guitar tab)
Beatin The Odds Bass  (guitar tab)
Big Apple  (guitar tab)
Bloody Reunion  (guitar tab)
Boogie No More  (guitar tab)
Bounty Hunter  (guitar tab)
Cheating Woman  (guitar tab)
Dead and Gone  (guitar tab)
Dreams Ill Never See  (guitar tab)
Dreams Ill Never See Bass  (guitar tab)
Edge of Sundown  (guitar tab)
Fall Of The Peacemakers  (guitar tab)
Few and Far Between  (guitar tab)
Flirtin With Disaster  (guitar tab)
Gator Country  (guitar tab)
Good Rockin'  (guitar tab)
Gunsmoke  (guitar tab)
Its All Over Now  (guitar tab)
Jukin' City  (guitar tab)
Lady Luck  (guitar tab)
Let The Good Times Roll  (guitar tab)
Long Time  (guitar tab)
Loss of Control  (guitar tab)
On the Prowl  (guitar tab)
Power Play  (guitar tab)
Respect Me in the Morning  (guitar tab)
Sailor  (guitar tab)
Satisfied Man  (guitar tab)
Stone in Your Heart  (guitar tab)
Sweet Dixie  (guitar tab)
Tatanka  (guitar tab)
The Creeper  (guitar tab)
The Price You Pay  (guitar tab)
The Rambler  (guitar tab)
Trust Your Old Friend  (guitar tab)
Tumbling Dice  (guitar tab)
Under the Gun  (guitar tab)
What Does It Matter  (guitar tab)
Whiskey Man  (guitar tab)
Why Wont You Take Me Home  (guitar tab)