Molly Hatchet

Molly Hatchet - Heartless Land lyrics

I see it on TV watch it everyday

Men with no conscience don't care who they slay

Children killing children for insult or greed

Don't want what they have don't know what they need

Shot for a dollar or the color of your car

You try to find justice you won't get far

Too many families living on the street

Too many babies with nothing to eat

To clear the land they build a wall of fire

To get their way they use a gun for hire

Just trying to do the best I can

To live in this heartless land

So many people doing without

They have no power no political clout

Cutting down the forest, killing off the seas

Don't look to the future they just do what they please

Chorus repeat

We got to stand up find another way

To solve these problems it gets worse every day

Hand in hand as hard as it seems

We can save ourselves and our children's dreams

Chorus repeat

I'm trying to live we got to learn to forgive

I'm doing my best - don't you know - to live in this heartless land

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