Molly Hatchet

Molly Hatchet - What Does It Matter lyrics

Ohh yea, yes sir

Comin' on strong

Comin' on hard

But what the hell is the matter

Take it to the limit

Baby take it 'till your in it

You take my love and you scatter


Cause there is a low

It just doesn't matter

Oh no, it really doesn't matter

Cause there's a low

Baby what ya tryin' to do.

You know win or lose, love is a game

Now I don't think I will be the same

As sweet as it seemed

It was only a dream

You're the meanest damn woman I've ever seen.

I said,"Oh no, how will I never be the same

Oh no no no, Now that you've worked your game.

Cause, Lord, baby what ya trying to do

It's gonna catch up to you."

Now hold it a second

Hey momma, I'm a talkin' to you

Your time gonna come real soon

No baby, baby, you can't treat me like no fool

No momma, I'm not puttin' up with that

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