Molly Hatchet

Molly Hatchet - Just Remember (You're the Only One) lyrics

Thinkin' back, thinkin' way back when

There was only you and me

And time went by so easily

We learned from above and tried to call it love

All the trouble and the good and bad

We were all we ever had

Just remember, just remember... you're the only one

I had a dream one night

I made it to the limelight

Forgot where I came from

Lost sight of all my loved ones

I wasn't long until the fortune was gone

I thought it was the end

And I was hoping for a friend

Everything was gone in a blink of an eye

Without your love life ain't worth a dime... no

When you're sitting there all you've got is time

To remember, just remember... you're the only one

Now it's time that I must say to you

That you're always with me and I'll be true

It's been so long since this very day

That your love felt so strong

It could carry us away

Do you feel it, I remember, cause I can feel it

Do you remember... you're the only one... you're the only one

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