Molly Hatchet

Molly Hatchet - Tatanka lyrics

Seven seas seven skies

Lightning strikes and brave men die

Tatanka great, Tatanka small

When darkness comes they kill them all


You take what you want but you don't ask

You're future doesn't lie with things of the past

The search for freedom will never be found

As long as we stand upon this sacred ground

The curse of the curses upon the land

One day Tatanka will make a stand

Take back the soul of mother nature

Give back the spirit of a world endangered

Tatanka comes, stand and deliver

The souls of the brave lie on forever

The tale of tears is a tale of courage

Tatanka comes from across the river

Chorus repeat

The battles were fought and the damage was done

The wars not over its just begun

The debt that's owed will never be payed

The promised land will never be saved

The curse of curses fire on the land

Today Tatanka has made a stand

Their forefathers dreams, hopes, and vision

Through children's eyes has it been forgiven

Chorus repeat

Le Lakota tolowan yelo

Channi tatanka oyate ki

icic' upi nahan taku un

umnipi nahan unkotipi kte k'un

lepa unk' upelo

wasicu ki ahi nahan

wicakasota pi tka

tatanka tawowakan ki lena


This is a song for the Lakota

Long time ago the buffalo

nation gave themselves

so we can survive and

have shelter

The white man came

and wiped them out

but we still have the spirit

the power of the buffalo

Tatanka comes, stand and deliver

The souls of the brave live forever

The trail of the rears is a tale of courage

Tatanka comes, Tatanka comes

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