Molly Hatchet

Molly Hatchet - The Harp Jam lyrics

The Harp Jam

Danny Joe Brown-Duane Roland-Dave Hlubek

Steve Holland-Banner Thomas-Bruce Crump

Is not Atlanta, GA is the Rock n Roll capital of the world!!!!

Then let's hear you make it the Rock n Roll capital of the world

Rock it!!


Well, let's mellow it out, just a little bit, now, huh!!

C‘mon, son

Awww, yeah


In case my wind has a hole, huh

How ya feelin

Yeah, yeah

Well, I'll tell ya sure makin us feel good

this evenin, I wanna let ya know about it, huh.

Tell ya what I want to do with us right now.

Turn it all loose and get with us on this part

of this song, huh

You know the words, so sing it with us, c'mon

We're gonna have some fun tonight,

have some fun tonight, have some fun tonight,

have some fun tonight, have some fun tonight.

We're gonna have some fun, baby, have some fun tonight.

C'mon, now, sing it!!

Have some fun!!!

Have some fun, baby, have some fun tonight!!!

Pick it


Yeah, yeah.

Keep it Rockin, huh, keep it alive

Tell ya what I wanna do

Wanna take just a second now to introduce

this little band to ya, from Jacksonville, huh.

Oh, yeah

From VA Beach, VA.....Steve Holland

Steve time, huh!!!

Oh, yeah.

Got this other fella, he's from Jax, FL.

Y'all welcome Duane Roland.

Ahhhh, get on with it!!!

Duane Roland.


Oh, yeah.

Our bass player is from Jax, FL.

A warm welcome for Banner Thomas

A little backbone out there, c'mon now

Oh, yeah

Give that boy something to work on.

Oh, yeah.



Banner Thomas on bass guitar.

Oh, yeah.

From Jax, FL, a big Atlanta welcome for

Dave Hlubek.

Dave Hlubek, one time, huh.

Oh, yeah.

From Memphis, TN....our drummer, Bruce Crump.


Bruce Crump on drums, huh.



My name's Danny Joe Brown....I'm from Jacksonville,

and we're Molly Hatchet, baby.

Atlanta, thank y'all for invitin us back.

It's so good to be back home.

Everybody, keep Rockin, we'll see ya again

real soon, c'mon!!!!


We're goin right home, sweet Atlanta,

thank you.

Yeah, that's 96 Rock, thank you

Thank you everybody very much,

we'll see ya again and do it later, huh.

Good night.

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