Molly Hatchet

Molly Hatchet - Silent Reign of Heroes lyrics

Making my way across dixie, eighteen sixty-five;

I walked all the and halfway to heaven, now believe I'm on the other side;

Day turns into nightime, nightime's by my side;

I look to he sky, I see shining light, the stars will be my guide;

The smell of gunsmoke in the air;

Lighting fills the sky;

I heard a rebel yell just as loud as hell;

You can hear it 'round the world tonight;

The silent reign of heroes;

is what brings me here today;

What I came to fight for, seems so far away

So far away;

Far away;

Tell me whats the cost of freedom;

Fighting for my life and family name;

The devil's laughing long and hard deep in hell tonight;

My feet are bleeding right through my shoes;

Ground's as cold as ice;

Sing no killer angels;

Can you hear my cry?

It seems like a sin when nobody wins and so many had to die;

Who is right, and tell me who is wrong;

Old boys come down from here to Virginia;

To sing the battle song;

The silent reign of heroes is what gives me strenght today;

Tell me whats the cost of freedom;

It's so far away, far away;

Fighting for our heritage yeah;

It's so far away, far away;

When I see my home and family;

Then I know I finally paid a debt.

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