David Allan Coe

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'59 Cadillac '57 Chevy  (guitar chord)
A Cold Lump Of Coal  (guitar chord)
A Harley Someday  (guitar chord)
A Satisfied Mind  (guitar chord)
A Sense Of Humor  (guitar chord)
Amanda  (guitar chord)
Anita Briant  (guitar chord)
Anita Bryant  (guitar chord)
Another Pretty Country Song  (guitar chord)
Atlanta Song  (guitar chord)
Ballad Of A Tennage Queen  (guitar chord)
Bossier City 1  (guitar chord)
Bottled Memories  (guitar chord)
Cheap Thrills  (guitar chord)
Crazy Mary  (guitar chord)
Cum Stains On The Pillow  (guitar chord)
D-r-u-n-k  (guitar chord)
Daddy Was A God Fearin' Man  (guitar chord)
Desperate Man  (guitar chord)
Divers Do It Deeper  (guitar chord)
Don't Be A Stranger  (guitar chord)
Don't Cry Darlin  (guitar chord)
Don't You Cry  (guitar chord)
Don’t Bite  (guitar chord)
Drank My Wife Away  (guitar chord)
Drink Canad Dry  (guitar chord)
Drinking Her Off My Mind  (guitar chord)
F.i.b.  (guitar chord)
Face To Face  (guitar chord)
Family Reunion  (guitar chord)
Folsom Prison Blues  (guitar chord)
For Pete's Sake  (guitar chord)
Fraulein  (guitar chord)
Free My Mind  (guitar chord)
Fuzzy Was An Outlaw  (guitar chord)
Gone (like)  (guitar chord)
Got You On My Mind  (guitar chord)
Granny’s Off Her Rocker  (guitar chord)
Hank Williams, Jr.--junior  (guitar chord)
Heads Or Tails  (guitar chord)
Heaven Only Knows  (guitar chord)
Heavenly Father, Holy Mother  (guitar chord)
Hey Gypsy  (guitar chord)
Honey Don't  (guitar chord)
House Of The Rising Sun  (guitar chord)
Houston, Dallas, San Antone  (guitar chord)
I Hate Love  (guitar chord)
I Still Sing The Old Songs  (guitar chord)
I've Already Cheated On You  (guitar chord)
I’d Swear I Was In Heaven  (guitar chord)
I’m An Ohio Boy  (guitar chord)
If I Knew  (guitar chord)
If That Ain't Country  (guitar chord)
If This Is Just A Game2  (guitar chord)
It's A Sad Situation  (guitar chord)
Jack Daniels, If You Please  (guitar chord)
Jody Like A Melody 2  (guitar chord)
Juanita  (guitar chord)
Just Because  (guitar chord)
Just To Prove My Love To You  (guitar chord)
Laid Back And Wasted  (guitar chord)
Lately I Been Thinking  (guitar chord)
Lay My Money Down  (guitar chord)
Linda Lovelace  (guitar chord)
Livin' On The Run  (guitar chord)
Living On The Run  (guitar chord)
London Homesick Blues  (guitar chord)
Loneliness In Ruby's Eyes  (guitar chord)
Longhaired Redneck  (guitar chord)
Longhaired Redneck (2001)  (guitar chord)
Looking In The Mirror  (guitar chord)
Lost  (guitar chord)
Mansion On The Hill  (guitar chord)
Maria Is A Mystery  (guitar chord)
Mary Magelene  (guitar chord)
Master Blues  (guitar chord)
Merle And Me  (guitar chord)
Missing The Kid  (guitar chord)
Mississippi Woman  (guitar chord)
Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile  (guitar chord)
My Foolish Heart To Blame  (guitar chord)
My Wife Ran Off  (guitar chord)
Nothin’ To Lose (part 2)  (guitar chord)
Nothing Sacred  (guitar chord)
Nothing To Lose  (guitar chord)
Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat  (guitar chord)
Old Man Tell Me  (guitar chord)
One More Time  (guitar chord)
Only God Knows Why  (guitar chord)
Panheads Forever  (guitar chord)
Papa Loved Mama  (guitar chord)
Play Me A Sad Song  (guitar chord)
Please Come to Boston  (guitar chord)
Pledging My Love  (guitar chord)
Pledging My Love solo  (guitar tab)
Prisoner's Song  (guitar chord)
Rails  (guitar chord)
Revenge  (guitar chord)
Ride 'em Cowboy  (guitar chord)
Ride Me Down Easy  (guitar chord)
Rings Around Rosie  (guitar chord)
River  (guitar chord)
Sad Country Song  (guitar chord)
San Francisco Maybel Joy  (guitar chord)
She Used To Love Me A Lot  (guitar chord)
She'll Be There  (guitar chord)
Shine It On  (guitar chord)
Single Father  (guitar chord)
Son Of The South  (guitar chord)
Song For The Year 2000  (guitar chord)
Spotlight  (guitar chord)
Storms Never Last  (guitar chord)
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down  (guitar chord)
Take This Job And Shove It  (guitar chord)
Take Time To Know Her  (guitar chord)
Talkin' To The Blues  (guitar chord)
Teardrops And Wine  (guitar chord)
Tennessee Whiskey  (guitar chord)
Tennessee Whiskey intro  (guitar tab)
Tennessee Whiskey lead  (guitar tab)
Texas Lullaby  (guitar chord)
The 33rd Of August  (guitar chord)
The Bottle  (guitar chord)
The Fish Aren't Biting Today  (guitar chord)
The Ghost of Hank Williams  (guitar chord)
The Old Grey Goose Is Dead  (guitar chord)
The Penny  (guitar chord)
The Punkin Center Barn Dance  (guitar chord)
The Ride ( 3)  (guitar chord)
The Ride lead  (guitar tab)
This Bottle In My Hand  (guitar chord)
This Old Truck  (guitar chord)
Those Low Down Blues  (guitar chord)
Three Biggest Lies  (guitar chord)
Time Off For Bad Behavior  (guitar chord)
Train Of Love  (guitar chord)
Truck Drivin’ Man  (guitar chord)
Under Rachel's Wings  (guitar chord)
Waiting For A Train  (guitar chord)
Waylon, Willie and Me  (guitar chord)
West Virginia Man  (guitar chord)
When I Was A Young Man  (guitar chord)
Whipped Again  (guitar chord)
Whips And Things  (guitar chord)
Whiskey And Women  (guitar chord)
Whiskey, Whiskey  (guitar chord)
White Line Fever  (guitar chord)
Why Me, Lord  (guitar chord)
Wild Irish Rose  (guitar chord)
Would You Be My Lady  (guitar chord)
Would You Lay With Me  (guitar chord)
Wreckless  (guitar chord)
Young Dallas Cowboy  (guitar chord)