David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe - Son Of The South guitar chord

"David Allan Coe"

"Son Of The South"

"CD" "Super Hits Vol. 2"

"transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net

(INTRO) EE EE (full chord)


d--7---6---2---4---2--| (Fill)


*Use some variation on rythm and fill,especially up and down strokes*


d--2-2-2-2-2-2-0--5-s-7-0-| (Main rythm)


(verse 1)

I like to play Hank Williams Jr. records just as loud as they will go.

I'm into Leonard Skinnard,The allman Brothers, and David Allan Coe.

I like Willie,Waylon,George and Merle and a lot of ZZ Top.

They play country soul,with some rock and roll and I hope they never stop.


'Cause I'm a redneck rock and roll son of the south.

I dont't like no new wave disco bands around.

I'm gonna' drink a couple dozen beers. Go out and jam some gears.

'Cause i'm a longhaired redneck,rock and roll son of the south.

(verse 2)

I got a 1965 Harley chopper,That makes those women stare.

I got a deadv flamingo wrapped around this cowboy hat I wear.

Well i can cuss,fight,spit and yell,If you ride to live like i live to ride.

Let me hear that rebel yell.

(Repeat Chorous

(verse 3)

I like my whiskey streight up,Daqueries make me ill.

And if anybody touches my Stetson hat,I get mad enough to kill.

I got a rifle rack in my pickup truck,I'm a 4 wheelin' maniac.

If you wanna' race just name the place and i'll show you where it's at.

(repeat chorous)

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