David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe - Divers Do It Deeper guitar chord

"David Allan Coe"

"Divers Do It Deeper"

"CD " "For The Record"

"Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net

*I use bar chords for this one*

(verse 1)

It was(F) too cold too stay in the(C) north and L.A.seemed the(G) most likly place I should(C) be.

(F)Those Malibu lights and(C) Hollywood nights(G) were blinding(C) me.

*Single strum for each chord below*

I(F) longed for a lover to(C) help me discover the(G) key that would unlock love's(C) door.

While(F) diving the reefs lord she(C) changed my beliefs as we(G) made love on thee oceans

(C)floor. *no chord* And she whispered


(F)Divers do it(C) deeper (G)Jockys do it(C) shorter.

(F)Brick layers always(G) make it a little bit(C) stronger.

(F)Sailors do it(C) wetter,(G)soldiers do it(C) better,But(F) cowboys stay in the(G) saddle just a little bit(C) longer.

(Verse 2)

I moved from L.A. for a good job with pay.Riding range for the double bar J.

'Till the rodeo came and I put in my name for the bull riding contest that day.

The judges were watching, but they didn't notice the girl standing next to my chute.

She picked me to win I could tell by her grin,As she reached out and patted my boot.

*no chord* And she whispered.

(repeat chorous) *There are some changes in lyrics form 1st chorous*

*pilots do it higher* *doctors do it cleaner*Bikers do it meaner*

"I have seen him do it live and he always throws something else in!"

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