David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe - Lately I Been Thinking guitar chord

"David Allan Coe"

"Lately I've Been Thinking Too Much Lately"

"CD" "Super Hits Vol. 2"

"Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net

*capo fret 1*

(Verse 1)

(A)Lately i been thinking too much(D)lately.

(E)I been staying kind of(A)stoned.

(A)Maybe I need someone to(D) make me.

(E)Feel like I'm not making it a(A)lone.

(A)Lately you been colder than the(D)Than the weather.

(E)whether love was right or love was(A)wrong.

(A)Once you told me there was no one(D)better.

(E)Now you say your'e better off(A)alone.


(D)Yesterday has turned into(A)tomorrow.

(D)wrecking every dream wev'e ever(E)known.

(A)Even though we're lying here(D)together in this(Bm)bed.

(E)I believe we're lying here(A)alone.

Verse2)*Same pattern

Lately I been driving myself crazy.

Lately this old house ai'nt been no home.

I thought you were something to hold on to.

When I could not make it ob my own.

Lately you been more than I can Handle.

Lately I can't handle being stoned

Maybe I need someone to make me.

Feel like I'm not making it alone

(repeat Chorous)

Lately i been thinkin too much lately

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