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David Allan Coe - A Harley Someday guitar chord


Date: 7/17/00; 1:46:00 PM

From: "Dickens, Rickey (FUSA)"

Subject: A Harley Someday - David Allen Coe

A Harley Someday David Allen Coe from his latest cd "Recommended For


(G) Those Harley's they cost so much (C) money

(G) A Honda is all he could (D) buy

(G) He covers it up on his car (C) port,

(G) If anyone (D) saw it he'd (G) die.

(G) He acts just as tough as his (C) buddies

(G) They drink Harley Davidson (D) beer.

(G) And he tells anyone that will (C) listen,

(G) He's buying a (D) panh (Dsus2) ead next (G) year.


(D) And we all laugh and think it's so (G) funny,

(G) Especially when we hear him (D) say,

(G) "Right now I'm just learning to ride, (C) man

Oh (G) but I'll have a (D) Harley some(G)day." (last ch.--- yeah but I'll

have a Harley someday)

He don't take his bike to Daytona,

But he carries his helmet along.

And the Ironhorse Saloon shirt he's wearing,

Say's bike week 1981.

He's a bona fide wanna be tough guy.

With long hair and chains on his boots.

He works 9 to 5 Monday through Friday

In loafers and Ivy League suits.


And he's thinking of getting a tattoo,

And maybe an earring or two.

As much as we hate to admit it,

We all know what he's going through.

We say he's a true weekend warrior,

He's wearing his old Harley hat.

And the truth is it's hard to remember,

That we all started out just like that.


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