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David Allan Coe Ė Jack Danielís, Jack Danielís, Jack Danielís Please 

D                                           G
Jack Danielís, Jack Danielís, Jack Danielís Please
  A                                    D
I know you can help me and I need some relief
Jack Danielís, Jack Danielís, Jack Danielís Please
  A                               D
I want you to knock me down to my knees.

    D                        G
And IĎve been a fool for the women
A                          D 
Iíve seen my share of hard times
And Iíve been a fool for the whiskey
A                       D
I know those old danger signs
Iíve been thinkiní way too much lately
A                            D
Youíre the one true friend I found
Itís time to renew our aquatientence
A                       D
I know you wonít let me down.


D                         G
Youíre the last one I can turn to
A                      D
I know you wonít do me wrong
Iím somewhere high, dry, and lonesome
A                      D
Sheís somewhere on the town
She told me I should go find a doctor
A                           D
Youíre the best doctor Iíve had
I canít take this pain any longer
A                     D
I need your help real bad.


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