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For Pete's Sake
written by David Allan Coe
Album: "For the Soul and For the Mind Demo's '71-'74"

         D            A7                D
Will she tell me once again she's got a headache
A7                                   D             
Or that she's just too tired to stay awake
     G                             D
If I touch her accidently when I'm sleepin'
         G              A7      D
Will she wake me up and say for Pete's sake

    G                                                   D
For Pete's sake she stays with me even though her love has died
    G                                 E7              A7
For Pete's sake she has done her best to keep me satisfied
D                                                G
We just go on pretending even though our love is fake
                    A7       D
How much more can I take for Pete's sake

        D                 A7            D
I can't blame her for the way she feels about me
A7                                            D
All those restless nights she's waited at the start
  G                               D               
I found out how much I needed her a little bit too late
    G                A7       D
But she only took me back for Pete's sake


G                   A7       D           A7-D
How much more can I take for Pete's sake 
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