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This is from the Darlin' Darlin' LP

"Don't Cry Darlin"

intro in D

     D        A7                  D              D7
 Drunk. Totally drained. On the verge of going crazy.

 On the edge of insane. I know you'd prayed I'd make it.

  D                 walk D,Eb,E
 But I never pulled through. I gave up on going on girl

   Merle Haggard "Long A"
 just like I gave up on you. 


        G                              D
  But don't you cry darlin'.  Though it's a cryin' shame.

        A7                             D               D7
  I was hooked on that whisky so bad, I didn't know my name

                          G             D
  when I died, but don't cry darlin'. You know it's not

                                G                   A       
  you're fault. I was stealin' time from the devil and I

  Just got caught. 
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