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Donít Be A Stranger
By David Allan Coe
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

D             F#m/D
Itís 5 in the morniní
G             A              D
And Iíve been waiting up all night
D                F#m/D
You left with no warniní
G        A                   D
And baby you know that ainít right
D          G
Donít be a stranger
A                             D    F#m/D   D7
Weíve been together much too long
Donít be a stranger
A                         D
Come on back where you belong

Have you found another
Is that the reason Iím alone
Have you found a lover
Is that the reason youíre not home


Em                       G
Until I hear you say you donít love me
Em                      A
And never be the one to set you free

I sit and I wonder
Have we lost the love weíve known for years
Itís pulliní me under
To think Iíll drown in all my tears

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