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At The Mall  (bass tab)
Ben Weasel  (guitar tab)
Ben Weasel  (bass tab)
Bonehead  (guitar tab)
Danny Vapid  (guitar tab)
Debra Jean  (guitar tab)
Debra Jean  (bass tab)
Didnt Want None  (bass tab)
Dont Puke  (bass tab)
Fag Town  (bass tab)
Flesh For Tulu  (bass tab)
Fuck You  (bass tab)
Gay Boy  (guitar tab)
Gay Boy  (guitar chord)
Gay Boy  (bass tab)
Get Over You  (guitar tab)
Get Over You  (guitar chord)
Granola Head  (guitar tab)
Granola Head  (guitar chord)
Grounded  (guitar tab)
Half Shit Faced  (bass tab)
Half Shitfaced  (guitar tab)
Half Shitfaced  (guitar chord)
Hi Mom  (guitar tab)
Hi Mom  (guitar chord)
I Dont Wanna Work  (bass tab)
I Met Her  (guitar tab)
I Met Her  (guitar chord)
I Never Got The Girl  (guitar tab)
I Spent The Rent  (bass tab)
I Trash This Place  (bass tab)
I Want Cunt  (bass tab)
Ive Had It With You  (guitar tab)
Just Say Cunt  (guitar tab)
Like A Parasite  (bass tab)
Live This Life  (guitar tab)
Live This Life  (guitar chord)
Love Me  (bass tab)
Macarthurs Park  (bass tab)
Number One  (bass tab)
Nuni In New York  (bass tab)
See Ya Later Fuckface  (guitar tab)
Shes A Cretin  (guitar tab)
Shes A Cretin  (guitar chord)
Surf Goddess  (guitar tab)
Surf Goddess  (guitar chord)
Teenage Bonehead  (guitar tab)
This Place Sucks  (bass tab)
Today I Fell In Love  (bass tab)
Too Many Twinkies  (bass tab)
Tulu Is A Wimp  (bass tab)
Ursula Finally Has Tits  (guitar tab)
You're Tripping  (bass tab)
Youre Tripping  (guitar tab)