RX Bandits

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All The Time  (guitar tab)
All The Time (Acoustic)  (guitar tab)
Analog Boy  (guitar tab)
Andrea  (guitar tab)
Andrea Bass  (guitar tab)
Anyone But You  (guitar tab)
Apparition Bass  (guitar tab)
Band-aid  (guitar tab)
Consequential Apathy  (guitar tab)
Cornered  (guitar tab)
Decrescendo  (guitar tab)
Dinna-dawg  (guitar tab)
Falling Down The Mountain  (guitar tab)
Get  (guitar tab)
Gun In Your Hand  (guitar tab)
High Skool  (guitar tab)
I Dont Care  (guitar tab)
In All Rwandas Glory  (guitar tab)
In All Rwandas Glory Bass  (guitar tab)
Infection  (guitar tab)
Innocense Bass  (guitar tab)
Lost  (guitar tab)
Mastering The Line  (guitar tab)
Mastering The List  (guitar tab)
Metal Man  (guitar tab)
More  (bass tab)
Newsstand Rock Exposition  (guitar tab)
Nothing Sacred  (guitar tab)
Nothings Sacred  (guitar tab)
Only For The Night Bass  (guitar tab)
Progress  (guitar tab)
Prophetic  (guitar tab)
Republic  (guitar tab)
Secret Agent Man  (guitar tab)
Sell You Beautiful  (guitar tab)
Status  (guitar tab)
Tainted Wheat  (guitar tab)
Vcg 3  (guitar tab)
Vcg Iii  (guitar tab)
Walk Away  (guitar tab)
What If  (guitar tab)
What If  (bass tab)
Who Wouldve Thought  (guitar tab)
Wrong With Me  (bass tab)