Omarion Done With His Former Bandmates, Says “They Are A Product of Their Karma”

Posted on 2008-08-26 23:27:09

Omarion is calling his relationship with former B2K members Lil Fizz, Raz B and J-Boog a wrap according to a recent interview with MTV News.

"I used to rock with them dudes, and now when I see them, it's not like that" says the R&B singer who recently signed with Timbaland's Mosley Music Group following a release from SONY earlier this year.

In the exclusive interview Omarion opened up about his situation with the group following a series of allegations between their manager Chris Stokes and Raz B which rocked the world during the Holiday season. "Really, my thing is, I talked to the cats, and it's sad what people will do when they're in the position of 'don't have." says Omarion.

"People will say, 'Omarion is still out there and in the public. Omarion is still successful.' But they don't sit back and think, 'Why is Omarion able to get this opportunity? Why are they not getting this opportunity?' Fizz put a single out. They are a product of their karma. I can't talk in detail about what was done [on their parts], but a lot of wrongdoing was done. A lot of false statements off-the-wall, disrespectful things. Not even on a dislike level. On a hurtful level."

Despite his feelings toward the group Omarion says he is moving forward with his new album "I'm a spiritual dude, and a part of me is forgiving. But there is so much that has been done, you get tired of that. This whole next album, you'll see a whole new Omarion."

Seemingly happy about his departure from SONY, where he cites creative differences and lack of control, Omarion says he has a better grasp of where he is going now. "I feel like now I'm in a really great place."

Omarion's last album entitled "21" was released in 2006. In a suprising move, Omarion cut his signature braids this year but says it was all in taking his life and career to the next level. "Cutting my hair, I feel like I'm going to another level. Cutting my hair was a step for me. Anybody that has had hair for so long, when you're used to something, it's like reforming your life."

Omarion is currently at work on his third studio album.

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