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Anthem '84  (guitar chord)
Best Of All Possible Worlds  (guitar chord)
Between Heaven And Here  (guitar chord)
Billy Dee  (guitar chord)
Broken Freedom Song  (guitar chord)
Casey's Last Ride  (guitar chord)
Chase The Feeling  (guitar chord)
Come Sundown  (guitar chord)
Darby's Castle  (guitar chord)
Don't Cuss The Fiddle  (guitar chord)
El Coyote  (guitar chord)
El Gavilan (the Hawk)  (guitar chord)
Fighter  (guitar chord)
Final Attraction  (guitar chord)
For The Good Times  (guitar chord)
For The Good Times (live)  (guitar chord)
Hello In There  (guitar chord)
Help Me (live)  (guitar chord)
Holy Creation  (guitar chord)
I Got A Life Of My Own  (guitar chord)
I May Smoke Too Much  (guitar chord)
I’d Rather Be Sorry  (guitar chord)
In The News  (guitar chord)
It Sure Was (love)  (guitar chord)
Jesus Was A Capricorn  (guitar chord)
Jody And The Kid  (guitar chord)
Johnny Lobo  (guitar chord)
Junkie & Juicehead Minus Me  (guitar chord)
Kiss The World Goodbye  (guitar chord)
Late Again (gettin Over You)  (guitar chord)
Late John Garfield Blues  (guitar chord)
Love Is The Way  (guitar chord)
Lovin' Her Was Easier  (guitar chord)
Loving Arms  (guitar chord)
Loving Her Was Easier(alt)  (guitar chord)
Mal Sacate  (guitar chord)
Me And Bobby Mcgee  (guitar chord)
Me And Bobby Mcgee ('99)  (guitar chord)
Me And Bobby Mcgee(harp)  (guitar tab)
Me And Bobby Mcgee2  (guitar chord)
Mean Old Man  (guitar chord)
Moment Of Forever  (guitar chord)
Never Be The Same Again  (guitar chord)
New Game Now  (guitar chord)
New Mister Me  (guitar chord)
Nobody Wins  (guitar chord)
Okie From Muskogee  (guitar chord)
Once More With Feeling  (guitar chord)
Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight  (guitar chord)
Pilgrim's Progress  (guitar chord)
Pligrim Chapter 33  (guitar chord)
Road Warrior's Lament  (guitar chord)
Rocket To Stardom  (guitar chord)
Sandinista  (guitar chord)
Shadows Of Her Mind  (guitar chord)
Shandy  (guitar chord)
Shipwrecked In The Eighties  (guitar chord)
Silver Tongued Devil  (guitar chord)
Sky King  (guitar chord)
Smokey Put The Sweet On Me  (guitar chord)
Stranger  (guitar chord)
Sugar Man  (guitar chord)
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down  (guitar chord)
Sunday Morning Coming Down2  (guitar chord)
Thank You For A Life  (guitar chord)
The Burden Of Freedom  (guitar chord)
The Captive  (guitar chord)
The Circle  (guitar chord)
The Eagle And The Bear  (guitar chord)
The Heart  (guitar chord)
The Hero  (guitar chord)
The Lady's Not For Sale  (guitar chord)
The Last Thing To Go  (guitar chord)
The Promise  (guitar chord)
The Race  (guitar chord)
The Sabre And The Rose  (guitar chord)
The Show Goes On  (guitar chord)
The Silver Tounged Devil  (guitar chord)
The Taker  (guitar chord)
They Killed Him  (guitar chord)
Third World Warrior  (guitar chord)
This Old Road  (guitar chord)
This Old Road ('06)  (guitar chord)
To Beat The Devil  (guitar chord)
Under The Gun  (guitar chord)
Whiskey, Whiskey  (guitar chord)
Why Me  (guitar chord)
Why Me Lord  (guitar chord)
Wild American  (guitar chord)
Worth Fighting For  (guitar chord)