David Lee Murphy

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All Lit up in Love  (guitar chord)
Almost Like Being There  (guitar chord)
Born That Way  (guitar chord)
Breakfast in Birmingham  (guitar chord)
Dust On The Bottle  (guitar tab)
Dust On The Bottle  (guitar chord)
Dust On The Bottle intro  (guitar tab)
Dust On The Bottle solo  (guitar tab)
Dust On The Bottle-1  (guitar chord)
Everytime I Get Around You  (guitar chord)
Genuine Rednecks  (guitar chord)
I Could Believe Anything  (guitar chord)
I’ve Been a Rebel  (guitar chord)
If The Fish Ain’t Bitin’  (guitar chord)
Inspiration  (guitar chord)
Just Once  (guitar tab)
Loco  (guitar chord)
Loco intro  (guitar tab)
Loco solo  (guitar tab)
Mama And Them  (guitar chord)
Might Be Me  (guitar chord)
Out With a Bang  (guitar chord)
Out With A Bang intro  (guitar tab)
Party Crowd  (guitar chord)
Party Crowd lead  (guitar tab)
Pirates Cove  (guitar chord)
The Road You Leave Behind  (guitar chord)
Tryin' To Get There  (guitar chord)
We Can’t All Be Angels  (guitar chord)