Buck Owens

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A-11  (guitar chord)
Act Naturally  (guitar chord)
Act Naturally(2)w/  (guitar chord)
Before You Go  (guitar chord)
Big In Vegas  (guitar chord)
Blue Christmas Lights  (guitar chord)
Buckaroo  (guitar tab)
Close Up The Honky Tonks  (guitar chord)
Country Singers Prayer  (guitar chord)
Crying Time Again  (guitar chord)
Diggy Liggy Lo  (guitar chord)
Don't Let Her Know  (guitar chord)
Dust On Mother's Bible  (guitar chord)
Excuse Me ( 1st. Fret)  (guitar chord)
Foolin' Around  (guitar chord)
Getting Used To Losing You  (guitar chord)
Gonna Have Love  (guitar chord)
Hello Trouble  (guitar chord)
I Don't Hear You  (guitar chord)
I'll Catch You When You Fall  (guitar chord)
I've Got A Tiger By The Tail  (guitar chord)
In The Palm Of Your Hand  (guitar chord)
It Takes People Like You  (guitar chord)
Jesus Saved Me  (guitar chord)
Kickin' Each Other  (guitar chord)
Let The Sad Times Roll On  (guitar chord)
Made In Japan  (guitar chord)
Monster's Holiday  (guitar chord)
No Love Have I ( 1)  (guitar chord)
Open Up Your Heart  (guitar chord)
Over And Over  (guitar chord)
Pfft You Were Gone  (guitar chord)
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down  (guitar chord)
Play Together Again, Again  (guitar chord)
Pray Every Day  (guitar chord)
Put A Quarter In The Jukebox  (guitar chord)
Sam's Place  (guitar chord)
Santa Looked Like Daddy  (guitar chord)
Second Fiddle  (guitar chord)
Streets Of Bakersfield  (guitar chord)
Sweet Rosie Jones  (guitar chord)
Sweethearts In Heaven  (guitar chord)
Tall Dark Stranger  (guitar chord)
Think Of Me ( 2)  (guitar chord)
Tiger By The Tail  (guitar chord)
Tiger By The Tail solo  (guitar tab)
Tijuana Lady  (guitar chord)
Together Again  (guitar chord)
Truck Drivin' Man  (guitar chord)
Under The Influence Of Love  (guitar chord)
Under Your Spell Again  (guitar chord)
Waitin' In Your Welfare Line  (guitar chord)
We Were Made For Each Other  (guitar chord)
Wham Bam  (guitar chord)
Where Does The Good Times Go  (guitar chord)
Your Tender Lovin' Care  (guitar chord)