Waylon Jennings

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A Bad Day  (guitar chord)
A Long Time Ago  (guitar tab)
A Long Time Ago  (guitar chord)
A Long Time Ago (easy)  (guitar chord)
A Lot Of Good  (guitar tab)
A Lot Of Good  (guitar chord)
A Song For The Life  (guitar chord)
Ain't Livin' Long Like This  (guitar chord)
Ain't No God In Mexico  (guitar chord)
Ain't No Good Chain Gang  (guitar chord)
Aint No God In Mexico  (guitar tab)
All Around Cowboy  (guitar chord)
All My Sisters Are Girls  (guitar chord)
Amanda  (guitar tab)
Amanda  (guitar chord)
Amanda , Corrected solo  (guitar tab)
Amanda solo  (guitar tab)
America  (guitar tab)
America  (guitar chord)
Anita You Are Dreaming  (guitar chord)
Anita You're Dreamin  (guitar chord)
Anither Man's Fool  (guitar chord)
Are You Sure  (guitar tab)
Armed And Dangerous  (guitar tab)
Armed And Dangerous  (guitar chord)
As This Billy World Turns  (guitar chord)
Baker Street  (guitar chord)
Ballad Of Fourty Dollars  (guitar chord)
Been A Long Time Leavin  (guitar chord)
Belle Of The Ball  (guitar tab)
Belle Of The Ball  (guitar chord)
Between Fathers And Sons  (guitar chord)
Big Ball In Cowtown  (guitar chord)
Big, Big Love  (guitar chord)
Billy  (guitar chord)
Black Rose  (guitar tab)
Black Rose  (guitar chord)
Black Rose (no , Easy)  (guitar chord)
Bob Wills Is Still King  (guitar chord)
Bob Wills Is Still The King  (guitar chord)
Brand New Goodbye Song  (guitar chord)
Broken Promise Land  (guitar chord)
Brown Eyed Handsome Man  (guitar tab)
Brown Eyed Handsome Man  (guitar chord)
Burning Memories  (guitar chord)
Cactus Texas  (guitar chord)
Can't You See  (guitar chord)
Can't You See (no , Easy)  (guitar chord)
Carnival Song  (guitar chord)
Cedartown Gal  (guitar chord)
Chevy Van  (guitar chord)
Closing In On The Fire  (guitar chord)
Cloudy Days  (guitar chord)
Clyde  (guitar chord)
Come Back And See Me  (guitar tab)
Come Back And See Me  (guitar chord)
Come With Me  (guitar tab)
Come With Me  (guitar chord)
Couple More Years  (guitar tab)
Cowboy Movies  (guitar chord)
Cowboys Last Song  (guitar chord)
Crying Don't Even Come Close  (guitar chord)
DEEP IN THE WEST  (guitar chord)
Detroit City  (guitar chord)
Didn't We Shine  (guitar chord)
Didnt We Shine  (guitar tab)
Dirt  (guitar chord)
Don't Cuss The Fiddle  (guitar chord)
Don't You Think  (guitar chord)
DONNA ON MY MIND  (guitar chord)
Dont Cuss The Fiddle  (guitar tab)
Dont Let The Sun Set On You  (guitar chord)
Dont You Think  (guitar tab)
DOWN CAME THE WORLD  (guitar chord)
Dreaming My Dreams  (guitar tab)
Dreaming My Dreams  (guitar chord)
Drift Away  (guitar chord)
Drift Away (live Version)  (guitar chord)
Drinkin And Dreamin  (guitar chord)
Drinking And Dreamng  (guitar chord)
Dukes Of Hazzard  (guitar tab)
Endangered Species  (guitar tab)
Endangered Species  (guitar chord)
Even Cowgirls Get THe Blues  (guitar chord)
Fallin’ Out  (guitar chord)
Folk Out On This Road  (guitar chord)
For Lovin Me  (guitar chord)
Freedom To Stay  (guitar tab)
Freedom To Stay  (guitar chord)
Get Naked With Me  (guitar chord)
GI Joe  (guitar chord)
Go'nna Write A Letter  (guitar chord)
Goin' Down Rockin'  (guitar chord)
Gold Dust Woman  (guitar chord)
GONE TO DENVER  (guitar chord)
Good Hearted Woman  (guitar tab)
Good Hearted Woman  (guitar chord)
Good Hearted Women  (guitar chord)
Good Ol Boys  (guitar tab)
Good Ol Boys  (bass tab)
Good Ol' Boys ( 1)  (guitar chord)
Good Ol' Boys (no )  (guitar chord)
Good Time Charlies  (guitar tab)
Got A Lot Going For Me  (guitar chord)
Grapes On The Vine  (guitar chord)
GREEN RIVER  (guitar chord)
GREY EYES YOU KNOW  (guitar chord)
Guitars Won't Stay In Tune  (guitar chord)
Hank Williams Syndrome  (guitar tab)
Hank Williams Syndrome  (guitar chord)
He Went To Paris  (guitar tab)
He Went To Paris  (guitar chord)
Heartaches Older Than You  (guitar chord)
Heartarche Olders  (guitar tab)
Heaven Or Hell  (guitar tab)
Heaven Or Hell  (guitar chord)
HER MAN  (guitar chord)
Heroes (w/ Willie Nelson)  (guitar chord)
Heros  (guitar chord)
Hey Willie  (guitar chord)
HITTIN' THE BOTTLE AGAIN  (guitar chord)
Honky Tonk Heroes  (guitar tab)
Honky Tonk Heroes intro  (guitar tab)
Honkytonk Heros intro  (guitar tab)
Honkytonk Woman  (guitar chord)
House Of The Rising Sun  (guitar chord)
I Aint Living  (guitar tab)
I Can Get Off  (guitar tab)
I CAN GET OFF ON YOU  (guitar chord)
I Can't Get Off On You  (guitar chord)
I Do Believe  (guitar tab)
I Do Believe  (guitar chord)
I Just Can't Wait  (guitar chord)
I RECALL A GYPSY WOMAN  (guitar chord)
I TREMBLE FOR YOU  (guitar chord)
I Walk The Line  (guitar chord)
I'LL FIND IT WHERE I CAN  (guitar chord)
I'LL GO BACK TO HER  (guitar chord)
I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow  (guitar chord)
I'M A RAMBLIN' MAN  (guitar chord)
I'm Little  (guitar chord)
I'VE ALWAYS BEEN CRAZY  (guitar chord)
I've Always Been Crazy (no )  (guitar chord)
I've Got Me A Woman  (guitar chord)
I'VE GOT MY FAULTS  (guitar chord)
IF I CAN FIND A CLEAN SHIRT  (guitar chord)
If I Could Only Fly  (guitar chord)
If Ole Hank Could See Us Now  (guitar chord)
IF SHE'LL LEAVE HER MAMA  (guitar chord)
If You Could Touch  (guitar tab)
If You See Her  (guitar chord)
IF YOU'RE GOIN' GIRL  (guitar chord)
Im A Ramblin Man  (guitar tab)
It Doesn't Matter Anymore  (guitar chord)
It'll Be Her  (guitar chord)
It's So Easy  (guitar chord)
Itll Be Her  (guitar tab)
Ive Always Been Crazy  (guitar tab)
Ive Got My Faults  (guitar tab)
Ivory Tower  (guitar chord)
Jack of Diamonds  (guitar chord)
John's Back In Town  (guitar chord)
Just Talkin  (guitar chord)
Just Talking  (guitar tab)
Just To Satisfy You  (guitar tab)
Just To Satisfy You  (guitar chord)
Just To Satisfy You (no )  (guitar chord)
KISSING YOU GOODBYE  (guitar chord)
Ladies Love Outlaws  (guitar tab)
Ladies Love Outlaws  (guitar chord)
Lady In The Harbor  (guitar chord)
Laid Back Country Picker  (guitar chord)
LAST COWBOY SONG  (guitar chord)
Lay It Down  (guitar tab)
Lay It Down  (guitar chord)
LEAVIN' TOWN  (guitar chord)
Let's Turn Back the Years  (guitar chord)
Lets All Help The Cowboys  (guitar tab)
LINES  (guitar chord)
Littlefield  (guitar chord)
Living Legends Pt. 2  (guitar chord)
LONESOME ON'RY AND MEAN  (guitar chord)
Lonesome Onry And Mean  (guitar tab)
Lonesome Onry And Mean  (guitar chord)
Long Way From Home  (guitar chord)
Look Into My Tear Drops  (guitar chord)
LOOK INTO MY TEARDROPS  (guitar chord)
Looking For A Feeling  (guitar chord)
Looking For Suzanne  (guitar tab)
Looking For Suzanne  (guitar chord)
LOUISIANA WOMEN  (guitar chord)
Love Of The Common People  (guitar tab)
Love Of The Common People  (guitar chord)
Love's Gonna Live Here  (guitar chord)
Lovin' Her Was Easier  (guitar chord)
Low Down Freedom  (guitar tab)
Low Down Freedom  (guitar chord)
Luckenbach Texas  (guitar tab)
Luckenbach Texas  (guitar chord)
MAC ARTHUR PARK  (guitar chord)
McArthur Park  (guitar chord)
ME AND BOBBY MCGEE  (guitar chord)
ME AND PAUL  (guitar chord)
Medley Of Buddy Holly Hits  (guitar chord)
Meldley Of Elvis Hits  (guitar chord)
Memories Of You And I  (guitar tab)
Memories Of You And I  (guitar chord)
Mental Revenge  (guitar chord)
MIDNIGHT RIDER  (guitar chord)
MISSISSIPPI WOMAN  (guitar chord)
Mississippi Woman 2  (guitar chord)
MONA  (guitar chord)
My Baby Walks All Over Me  (guitar chord)
My Rough And Rowdy Days  (guitar chord)
Nashville Bum  (guitar tab)
Nashville Bum  (guitar chord)
NASHVILLE REBEL  (guitar chord)
Never Again  (guitar chord)
NEVER BEEN TO SPAIN  (guitar chord)
NEVER COULD TOE THE MARK  (guitar chord)
Never Gonna Roam Again  (guitar chord)
Never Say Die  (guitar chord)
No Good For Me  (guitar tab)
No Good For Me  (guitar chord)
Nobody Know's  (guitar chord)
Nobody Knows  (guitar tab)
Nobody Knows  (guitar chord)
Nowhere Road (w/ Willie)  (guitar chord)
Oklahoma Sunshine  (guitar chord)
OLD AGE AND TREACHERY  (guitar chord)
Old Church Hymns  (guitar tab)
Old Church Hymns  (guitar chord)
Old Five And Dimers  (guitar tab)
Old Five And Dimers  (guitar chord)
Old Friend  (guitar chord)
Old Friends  (guitar chord)
Old Timer  (guitar tab)
Old Timer  (guitar chord)
Omaha  (guitar tab)
Omaha  (guitar chord)
One Good Love  (guitar chord)
One Too Many Mornings  (guitar chord)
Out Among The Stars  (guitar chord)
Out Of Jail  (guitar chord)
PEOPLE UP IN TEXAS  (guitar chord)
PICK UP THE TEMPO  (guitar chord)
PRECIOUS MEMORIES  (guitar chord)
Pretend I Never Happended  (guitar chord)
Pretend I Never Happened  (guitar tab)
Pretend I Never Happened  (guitar chord)
Rainy Day Woman  (guitar tab)
Rainy Day Woman  (guitar chord)
Ramblin Man  (guitar tab)
Ramblin Man  (guitar chord)
Rebel Soldier  (guitar chord)
Reno And Me  (guitar tab)
Reno And Me  (guitar chord)
REVELATION  (guitar chord)
Revelation2  (guitar chord)
Ride Me Down Easy  (guitar tab)
Ride Me Down Easy  (guitar chord)
RIGHT FOR THE TIME  (guitar chord)
ROCK SALT AND NAILS  (guitar chord)
Rose In Paradise  (guitar chord)
Rose In Paradise intro  (guitar tab)
Sally Was A Good Old Girl  (guitar chord)
San Francisco Mabel Joy  (guitar tab)
San Francisco Mabel Joy  (guitar chord)
San Francisco Mable Joy  (guitar chord)
Sandy Sends Her Best  (guitar chord)
SETTIN' ME UP  (guitar chord)
Shadow Of A Distant Friend  (guitar chord)
SHE COMES RUNNING  (guitar chord)
She's Looking Good  (guitar chord)
SHINE  (guitar chord)
Shooter  (guitar chord)
Silent Partners  (guitar tab)
Silent Partners  (guitar chord)
SILVER RIBBONS  (guitar chord)
SINGER OF SAD SONGS  (guitar chord)
Six White Horses  (guitar tab)
Six White Horses  (guitar chord)
SLOW ROLLIN' LOW  (guitar chord)
Small Packages  (guitar chord)
Smokey On The Front Door  (guitar tab)
Smokey On The Front Door  (guitar chord)
So Good Woman  (guitar tab)
So Good Woman  (guitar chord)
Some Kind Of Fool  (guitar chord)
Stop The World  (guitar chord)
Storms Never Last  (guitar tab)
Storms Never Last  (guitar chord)
Suddenly Single  (guitar chord)
Suspicious Minds  (guitar chord)
SWEET CAROLINE  (guitar chord)
Sweet Dream Woman  (guitar chord)
T For Texas (chord&)  (guitar tab)
Take It To The Limit  (guitar chord)
TALK GOOD BOOGIE  (guitar chord)
Tenessee  (guitar chord)
TENNESSEE  (guitar chord)
That Dog Wont Hunt  (guitar chord)
That'll Be The Day  (guitar chord)
The Boxer  (guitar chord)
The Chokin' Kind  (guitar chord)
The Crown Prince  (guitar chord)
The Devil's Right Hand  (guitar chord)
The Door Is Always Open  (guitar tab)
The Door Is Always Open  (guitar chord)
The Eagle  (guitar tab)
The Eagle  (guitar chord)
The Entertainer  (guitar chord)
The Ghost Of General Lee  (guitar chord)
The Good Ol' Nights  (guitar chord)
The Last Letter  (guitar chord)
The Makin's Of A Song  (guitar chord)
The Most Sensible Thing  (guitar chord)
The Only Daddy Thatll  (guitar tab)
The Road  (guitar chord)
The Taker  (guitar chord)
The Teddy Bear Song  (guitar chord)
The Wurlitzer Prize  (guitar chord)
Them Ol Love Songs  (guitar chord)
Them Old Love Songs  (guitar chord)
They Ain't Got Em All  (guitar chord)
This Is Getting Funny  (guitar chord)
This Time  (guitar tab)
This Time  (guitar chord)
This Train  (guitar tab)
This Train  (guitar chord)
Til I Gain Control Again  (guitar chord)
Time Between Bottles Of Wine  (guitar chord)
TIME TO BUM AGAIN  (guitar chord)
Too Close To Call  (guitar tab)
Too Close To Call  (guitar chord)
Too Dumb For New York  (guitar tab)
Too Dumb For New York  (guitar chord)
Train Back To Texas  (guitar chord)
Trouble Man  (guitar tab)
Trouble Man  (guitar chord)
Trying To Outrun The Wind  (guitar chord)
Turn It All Around  (guitar chord)
Turn The Page  (guitar tab)
Turn The Page  (guitar chord)
TWO OLD SIDEWINDERS  (guitar chord)
Up In Arkansas  (guitar tab)
Up In Arkansas  (guitar chord)
Waking Up With You  (guitar chord)
Walk On Out Of My Mind  (guitar chord)
Walkin'  (guitar chord)
WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS  (guitar chord)
Waltz Me to Heaven  (guitar tab)
Waltz Me to Heaven  (guitar chord)
Wastin Time  (guitar chord)
WASTING TIME  (guitar chord)
Waymore Blues  (guitar chord)
Waymore Blues Part II  (guitar chord)
Waymores Blues  (guitar tab)
We Had It All  (guitar tab)
We Had It All  (guitar chord)
We Made It As Lovers  (guitar chord)
WHAT BOTHERS ME MOST  (guitar chord)
What You'll Do When Im Gone  (guitar chord)
When I Get Big  (guitar chord)
When Sin Stops  (guitar chord)
WHERE CORN DON'T GROW  (guitar chord)
Where Corn Dont Grow  (guitar tab)
Which Way Do I Go  (guitar tab)
Which Way Do I Go  (guitar chord)
White Lightning  (guitar chord)
Why Baby Why  (guitar chord)
Wild Ones  (guitar tab)
Wild Ones  (guitar chord)
Wildwood Flower  (guitar tab)
Will The Wolf Survive  (guitar tab)
Will The Wolf Survive  (guitar chord)
Willie The Wondering Gypsy  (guitar chord)
Woman You Need A Man  (guitar chord)
Workin Cheap  (guitar tab)
Workin Cheap  (guitar chord)
Working Cheap  (guitar chord)
Working Without A Net  (guitar tab)
Working Without A Net  (guitar chord)
WPBT  (guitar chord)
Write Your Own Songs  (guitar tab)
Write Your Own Songs  (guitar chord)
Wrong  (guitar tab)
Wrong  (guitar chord)
You Ask Me To  (guitar chord)
You Can Have Her  (guitar tab)
You Can Have Her  (guitar chord)
You Can Have Her (correct)  (guitar chord)
You Dont Mess Around  (guitar tab)
You Put The Soul In The Song  (guitar chord)
YOU'LL LOOK FOR ME  (guitar chord)