Radiohead - True Love Waits guitar tab

From: Street Preacher

Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2001 20:34:12 GMT

Any improvements are welcomed as this is my first tab.

This is my best shot based on the cleansed Santa Barbara Mp3..

Anybody with a better ear is welcome to lend a hand.

Song-True Love Waits

Band- Radiohead

Album- Santa Barbara True Love Waits

Transcribed by Sean Stashuk

TUNING - Standard (EADGBE)


\ - slide down

/ - slide up

h - hammer on

- harmonic

* - special info pertaining to part

Thom seems to alter this song every time it's performed. This is what

i've picked

up from the 'remastered' Santa Barbara performance. Any additions or

alterations are

encouraged as this is my first tab.

[Verse] -








I'll drown my beliefs, to have your

I'll dress like your niece,i'll wash your swollen










Second Bridge








I'll drown my beliefs

to have your babies

i'll dress like your niece

i'll wash your swollen feet

just don't leave

don't leave

I'm not living

i'm just killing time

your tiny hands

your crazy killer smile

just don't leave

don't leave

And true love lives

in haunted attics

and true love lives

on lollipops and crisps

just don't leave

don't leave

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