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Nathan Beach

This is only the basic intro and verse riff to the song







The chorus moves around Dsus and G.


From: Nathan Beach

I sort of figured out Stupid Car, which is one of my favourites. It's

done nearly all on the D, G, and B strings. Both the E-strings are

damped throughout.

These fingerings should be used:

xx022x D7

xx023x Dmaj

xx043x Bmin

This song mostly involves sliding between the D7 and Dmaj chords.

I find it hard to drive your stupid car...

Dmaj Bmin D7 D7/Dmaj

I find it hard 'cause I never get that far...

Dmaj Bmin D7 D7/Dmaj

And you put my brain in overload,

Dmaj D7 Bmin Dmaj

I can't change gears, I cannot see the road.

Dmaj D7 Bmin Dmaj

You've got concrete eyes

and I cannot see your face.

And I failed in life

'cause you crushed me with your hate (thanks, Steph!)

And you put my brain in overload

I can't change gears

I cannot see the


Dmaj (let the low A in some, whatever, strum with reckless abandon).

That's a dun dun ticka ticka dun dun ticka ticka rhythm.

This is a lovely song, hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do.


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