Radiohead - Sail To The Moon lyrics


Ay,yo I never felt like this


What you talkin about man


I got this chick I been with for a long time

and I'm thinking abotu tying the knot with her.




yeah man it's like she my everthing



I feel you dude check this out

I only imagine you in every way

I only think of you all night & all day

I only want you when I'm awake & when I'm asleep

You don't need a thing

Cause you mean everything to me


I'm your shelter in the rain

I'll take away the pain

Never have to hurt again

Wanna be your love supreme

Without you I'm not complete

You're my everything


I breathe you girl

I eat you girl

I need you girl

I speak you girl

I dream you girl

You be my world

You're my everything

(verse 2)

I'd never die for you

I'd rather live to love you

You could take my arms

I'd still find ways to touch you

You could take my legs

I'd still run to your rescue

I love you I really do

And I



(break down)

When you need someone to call(Call Me)

You know I'm not far away(I'm right there)

So whenever wherever whatever you need

Girl all can say


You are my everything(I need you)

My everywhere

You are my everything

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