Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees bass tab

Fake Plastic Trees" Radiohead

Basic chord progression:


A -- A(E on d string drops to F# on E string)-- E -- Dsus4 -- A -- Dsus4

chorus (it wears me out...)

this obviously has some variation to it

B -- A -- B -- A -- Dsus4 -- A (back to verse)

basic bass line:

Verse : (repeat this until the songs gets quiet with the line...and it wears me out...-which is the chorus section)









Chorus :||


|---------|--------|---------| (this section immediately below is what happens...


|---------|--------|---------| ...usually right before they go back into the verse)

This song you will have to listen to the recording for precise timing and accuracy since I did it

off the top of my head. It gives the basic idea though. O'Doyle Rules!

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