Radiohead - Faithless The Wonder Boy bass tab

Song: Faithless the Wonder boy

Tab: Bass

From: Anyone can play guitar single

Tuning: standard

One of the best B-sides by any band and one of my favourite tracks, enjoy.

Basic chord structure:

Verse: D G A D Em G

Chorus: Bm A G F#m Em G

This is the main part of the verse; everything is based on this. (Listen to the track for







To go in to the chorus the final part goes like this (from *)






Again the rhythm for this section is difficult to make out so when I play it I just

muck around a bit.





Solo section (goes something like this, it is a simpler version of the verse with a

slight change halfway through)






The outro is the same as the chorus, play the rhythm as you want but now keep it simple.





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