Radiohead - Black Star2 guitar tab

Blackstar -Radiohead


D, C, G, D.  (On the D tap on the 3rd fret, high E. To create Dsus2)


G                       C                             G                      Bm  

I get home from work and you're still standing in your dressing gown,


Oh what am i to do?

G                   C                           G         Bm

I know all the things around your head,


And what they do to you.


What are we coming to?


What are we gunna do?


D                    Am              C

Blame it on the Blackstar,

                       Am              C

Blame it on the falling sky,

                         G                             D             (Same as intro)

Blame it on the satellite that beams me home.


The troubled words the troubled mind i try to understand,

What is eating you.

I try to stay awake but it's 58hrs since that i last slept with you.

What are we coming to?

I just don't know....



I get on the train and i just stand about now that i don't think of you,

I keep falling over i keep passing out,

When i see a face like you.

I'm gunna melt down.

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