Radiohead - Big Boots (man-o-war) lyrics

Perception brought wisps of irreverence

Lasting days beyond understanding

The stain of grief in stretched emotion

Flaunts the hangings of distant loves

Exit healing - closure's chemistry

Flows like a violent rain to flood

The unresponsive calm - motionless

A bed of nails for me to lay

Breaks the numb progressive sense

In losing one to (my) death's arrogance

Half closed slits from razor's cold kiss

Marks remembrance of downward spirals

Seals memory in endless reversals

And holds sincerity in every sentimental scar

Raveled rotations leaves grievous discharge

Idle appease to final descent inflicts the

Morbid state of purgatorial asylum

Exploit the somber

Obey disorder

Inject evasion

And embody servility

(I've lost all feeling - I've lost all control)

Symbolic extractions sentenced in struggle

Joins the stillness of isolation

Forged through anguish

Fuck this pain away

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