Phantom Planet

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1st Things 1st  (guitar tab)
8  (guitar tab)
After Hours  (guitar tab)
All Over Again  (guitar tab)
Always On My Mind  (guitar tab)
Anthem  (guitar tab)
Anthem  (guitar chord)
Anthem3  (guitar tab)
Best Band  (guitar tab)
Big Brat  (guitar tab)
Big Brat Solo  (guitar tab)
California  (guitar tab)
California  (guitar chord)
California (easy)(tab)  (guitar tab)
California (tab)  (guitar tab)
California Intro  (guitar tab)
California Live  (guitar tab)
California Live  (guitar chord)
California2  (guitar tab)
California3  (guitar tab)
California4  (guitar tab)
Do The Panic  (guitar tab)
Empty House  (guitar tab)
First Things First  (guitar tab)
Galleria  (guitar tab)
Galleria Live  (guitar tab)
Guest  (guitar tab)
Here I Am  (guitar tab)
Hey Now Girl  (guitar tab)
Hey Now Girl Solo  (guitar tab)
In Our Darkest Hour  (guitar tab)
Knowitall  (guitar tab)
Leave Me Alone  (guitar tab)
Lisa Does It Hurt You  (guitar tab)
Local Black And Red  (guitar tab)
Lonely Day  (guitar tab)
Lonely Day  (guitar chord)
Lonely Day Intro  (guitar tab)
Lonely Day2  (guitar tab)
Nobodys Fault  (guitar tab)
O C  (guitar tab)
One Ray Of Sunlight  (guitar tab)
One Ray Of Sunlight  (guitar chord)
See You Next Summer  (guitar tab)
Shadows  (guitar tab)
Snake  (guitar tab)
So I Fall Again  (guitar tab)
Somebodys Baby  (guitar tab)
Something Is Wrong  (guitar tab)
The Guest  (guitar tab)
This Is What You Get  (guitar tab)
Turn Smile Shift Repeat  (guitar tab)
Waiting Around  (guitar tab)
Winter Wonderland  (guitar tab)
Wishing Well  (guitar tab)