Old 97s

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Adelaide  (guitar tab)
Barrier Reef  (guitar tab)
Big Brown Eyes  (guitar tab)
Bird In A Cage  (guitar tab)
Book Of Poems  (guitar tab)
Buick City Complex  (guitar tab)
Buick City Complex  (guitar chord)
Designs On You  (guitar tab)
Firefly  (guitar tab)
Friends Forever  (guitar tab)
Jagged  (guitar tab)
Lonely Holiday  (guitar tab)
Moonlight  (guitar tab)
Nineteen  (guitar tab)
Nineteen  (guitar chord)
Other Shoe  (guitar tab)
Other Shoe  (guitar chord)
Other Shoe  (guitar chord)
Question  (guitar tab)
Question  (guitar tab)
Question  (guitar chord)
Salome  (guitar tab)
Timebomb  (guitar tab)
Valentine  (guitar chord)
Victoria  (guitar tab)
W I F E  (guitar tab)
W I F E  (guitar chord)
W I F E  (guitar chord)
Weightless  (guitar tab)
Wont Be Home  (guitar tab)