Napalm Death

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Abattoir  (guitar tab)
All Hail The Grey Dawn  (guitar tab)
Aryanisms  (guitar tab)
Back From The Dead  (guitar tab)
Back From The Dead Bass  (guitar tab)
Bedtime Story  (guitar tab)
Birth In Regress  (guitar tab)
Circle Of Hipocrisy  (guitar tab)
Circle Of Hypocrisy  (guitar tab)
Constitutional Hell  (guitar tab)
Extremity Retained  (guitar tab)
Forced To Fear  (guitar tab)
From Enslavement Album  (guitar tab)
Greed Killing  (guitar tab)
Greed Killing Bass  (guitar tab)
Hiding Behind  (guitar tab)
Hung  (guitar tab)
I Abstain  (guitar tab)
If The Truth Be Known  (guitar tab)
Incinerator  (guitar tab)
Inner Incineration  (guitar tab)
Inner Incineration Bass  (guitar tab)
Judicial Slime  (guitar tab)
Kill Bass  (guitar tab)
Lowlife  (guitar tab)
Lowpoint  (guitar tab)
Malicious Intent  (guitar tab)
Malicious Intent Bass  (guitar tab)
Mass Appeal Madness  (guitar tab)
Morale  (guitar tab)
Nazi Punks Off  (guitar tab)
Nazi Punks Fuck Off  (guitar tab)
Nazi Punks Fuck Off Bass  (guitar tab)
Necesarry Evil  (guitar tab)
Necessary Evil  (guitar tab)
Next On The List  (guitar tab)
Politicians  (guitar tab)
Repression Out Of Uniform  (guitar tab)
Scum  (guitar tab)
Scum Bass  (guitar tab)
Silence Is Deafening  (guitar tab)
Suffer Little Children  (guitar tab)
Suffer Little Children2  (guitar tab)
Suffer The Children  (guitar tab)
Thanks For Nothing  (guitar tab)
The Chains That Bind Us  (guitar tab)
The Infiltraitor  (guitar tab)
The Lifeless Alarm  (guitar tab)
Ulterior Exterior  (guitar tab)
Unchallenged Hate  (guitar tab)
Unfit Earth  (guitar tab)
Unfit Earth Bass  (guitar tab)
Vision Conquest  (guitar tab)
Vision Conquest Bass  (guitar tab)
Volume Of Neglect  (guitar tab)
World Keeps Turning Bass  (guitar tab)
You Suffer  (guitar tab)
You Suffer Bass  (guitar tab)