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There is barely any Runner-Up on here and they are amazing, this is my first tab im 13 years old.


Tuning: normal

(Guitar 1)

e --5-5-5-5-----------5-5-5-5-----------5-5-5-5-----------5-5-5-5-------------|

B -----------3-3-3-3-----------3-3-3-3-----------3-3-3-3-----------3-3-3-3----|

G ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|

D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|(x5)

A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|

E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------|

(Guitar 2)

e ---------------------------|

B ---------------------------|

G ---2----4----6-------------|

D ---2----4----6-----2-------|(x2)

A ---0----2----4-----2-------|

E -------------------0------|

(Guitar 2)

e ------------|------------------------------------------|

B -------------|-------------------------------------------|

G ---2----4----|-----6-6-6-------------2-2-2----4-4-4-------|

D ---2----4----|-----6-6-6----2-2-2----2-2-2----4-4-4-------|(x5)

A ---0----2----|-----4-4-4----2-2-2----0-0-0----2-2-2-------|

E -------------|--------------0 -0-0-----------------------|

(Guitar 1)

e ----0-0--12-0----11-0----9-0----7-0----5-0--------|

B --------------------------------------------4-5---|

G --------------------------------------------------|

D --------------------------------------------------|(x4)

A --------------------------------------------------|

E --------------------------------------------------|

(Guitar 2)

e ------------------------------------|

B ------------------------------------|

G ----6-6-6----4-4-4----2-2-2---------|

D ----6-6-6----4-4-4----2-2-2---------|

A ----4-4-4----2-2-2----0-0-0---------|

E ------------------------------------|

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