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......This Is My BAnD...WE ARE NOT SIGNED..so i guess this is like misc.tab!

e|-----------------------------|| .....ok, this is like the intro and the
B|----10-10-----10---10--------|| Main riff. I play ot about 10x's, and I
G|------9---------9---7-------"|| Start singing with it...and than you go
D|--------------------0-------"|| Into riff #1, chorus( also the intro with
A|--0--(0)------------0--------|| Different lyrics)..than back to riff #1.

Riff #1

well ok..thats the song. I'm not gonna give'ya the lyrics now cause
actually theyre kinda personal... :( ...(*tear*)..., but if you have
any questions or comments....please e-mail me @...Justiceguitarist@yahoo.com

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