Jose Gonzalez

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Abram (intro)  (guitar tab)
All You Deliver  (guitar tab)
Born In The USA  (guitar tab)
Broken Arrows  (guitar tab)
Crosses  (guitar tab)
Cycling Trivialities  (guitar tab)
Deadweight On Velveteen  (guitar tab)
Down The Hillside  (guitar tab)
Down The Line  (guitar tab)
Hand On Your Heart  (guitar tab)
Heartbeats  (guitar tab)
Hints  (guitar tab)
How Low  (guitar tab)
Love Will Tear Us Apart  (guitar tab)
Lovestain  (guitar tab)
Lovestain (2)  (guitar tab)
Remain  (guitar tab)
Save Your Day  (guitar tab)
Sensing Owls  (guitar tab)
Slow Moves  (guitar tab)
Stay In The Shade  (guitar tab)
Storm  (guitar tab)
Teardrop  (guitar tab)