Harris Emmylou

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1917  (guitar tab)
A Thing About You  (guitar tab)
A Ways To Go  (guitar tab)
A Ways To Go  (guitar chord)
Across The Border  (guitar tab)
All I Left Behind  (guitar tab)
All My Tears  (guitar tab)
Amarillo  (guitar tab)
Angel Band  (guitar tab)
Another Lonesome Morning  (guitar tab)
Ashes By Now  (guitar tab)
Ashes By Now  (guitar chord)
Bad Moon Rising  (guitar tab)
Ballad Of A Runaway Horse  (guitar tab)
Bang The Drum Slowly  (guitar tab)
Before Believing  (guitar tab)
Beneath Still Waters  (guitar tab)
Beneath Still Waters  (guitar chord)
Better Off Without You  (guitar tab)
Beyond The Blue  (guitar tab)
Blackhawk  (guitar tab)
Blue Kentucky Girl  (guitar tab)
Born To Run  (guitar tab)
Boulder To Birmingham  (guitar tab)
Boulder To Birmingham  (guitar chord)
Boy From Tupelo  (guitar tab)
Boy From Tupelo 2  (guitar tab)
Brand New Dance  (guitar tab)
Brand New Heartache  (guitar tab)
Brand New Heartache  (guitar chord)
Burn That Candle  (guitar tab)
Calling My Children Home  (guitar tab)
Cattle Call  (guitar tab)
Coat Of Many Colors  (guitar tab)
Colors Of Your Heart  (guitar tab)
Crescent City  (guitar tab)
Crescent City  (guitar chord)
Deeper Well  (guitar tab)
Defying Gravity  (guitar tab)
Devil In Disguise  (guitar tab)
Easy From Now On  (guitar tab)
Easy From Now On  (guitar chord)
Elvira  (guitar tab)
Elvira  (guitar chord)
Evangeline  (guitar tab)
Evangeline  (guitar chord)
Every Grain Of Sand  (guitar tab)
Every Grain Of Sand  (guitar chord)
Everytime You Leave  (guitar tab)
Everytime You Leave  (guitar chord)
Falling Down  (guitar tab)
For No One  (guitar tab)
From Where Im Sitting  (guitar tab)
Goin' Back To Harlan  (guitar tab)
Goodbye  (guitar tab)
Green Green Rocky Road  (guitar tab)
Green Pastures  (guitar tab)
Green Pastures  (guitar chord)
Green Rolling Hills  (guitar tab)
Grievous Angel  (guitar tab)
Grievous Angel  (guitar chord)
Guitar Town  (guitar tab)
He Was Mine  (guitar tab)
Heart To Heart  (guitar tab)
Hearts On Fire  (guitar tab)
Heaven Only Knows  (guitar tab)
Hello Stranger  (guitar tab)
Here There Everywhere  (guitar tab)
Here There Everywhere  (guitar chord)
Hickory Winds  (guitar tab)
Hickory Winds  (guitar chord)
High Powered Love  (guitar tab)
Hobos Lullaby  (guitar tab)
Hot Burrito No2  (guitar tab)
I Aint Living Long Like This  (guitar chord)
I Dont Have To Crawl  (guitar tab)
I Dont Have To Crawl  (guitar chord)
I Dont Love You Much  (guitar tab)
I Dont Wanna Talk About It  (guitar chord)
I Dont Wannatalk About It  (guitar chord)
I Had My Heart Set On You  (guitar tab)
I Hear A Call  (guitar tab)
I Love To Tell The Story  (guitar tab)
I Still Miss Someone  (guitar tab)
I Still Miss Someone  (guitar chord)
Icy Blue Heart  (guitar tab)
If I Could Be There  (guitar tab)
If I Could Only Win Love  (guitar tab)
If I Needed You  (guitar tab)
If I Needed You  (guitar chord)
If You Were A Bluebird  (guitar tab)
In My Dreams  (guitar tab)
Its Not Love  (guitar tab)
Its Not Love  (guitar chord)
Jambalaya  (guitar tab)
Jersusalem Tomorrow  (guitar tab)
Juanita  (guitar tab)
Jupiter Rising  (guitar tab)
Last Cheaters Waltz  (guitar tab)
Last Date  (guitar tab)
Leaving La In Daylight  (guitar tab)
Leaving Louisiana  (guitar tab)
Leaving Louisiana  (guitar chord)
Like Strangers  (guitar tab)
Lodi  (guitar tab)
Lonely Street  (guitar tab)
Lonely Street  (guitar chord)
Long May You Run  (guitar tab)
Long May You Run  (guitar chord)
Love Hurts  (guitar tab)
Love Is  (guitar tab)
Love Still Remains  (guitar tab)
Loves Gonna Live Here  (guitar tab)
Lovin' You Again  (guitar tab)
Loving The Highway Man  (guitar tab)
Loving You Feeling Again  (guitar tab)
Luxury Liner  (guitar tab)
Making Believe  (guitar tab)
Making Plans  (guitar tab)
Mansion On The Hill  (guitar tab)
Me and Willie  (guitar tab)
Michelangelo  (guitar tab)
Millworker  (guitar tab)
Mr Sandman  (guitar tab)
My Antonia  (guitar tab)
My Dear Companion  (guitar tab)
My Fathers House  (guitar tab)
My Fathers House  (guitar chord)
My Songbird  (guitar tab)
Mystery Train  (guitar tab)
No Regrets  (guitar tab)
On The Radio  (guitar tab)
On The Radio  (guitar chord)
One Big Love  (guitar tab)
One Of These Days  (guitar tab)
One Of These Days  (guitar chord)
One Paper Kid  (guitar tab)
Ooh Las Vegas  (guitar tab)
Order Coffee  (guitar tab)
Orphan Girl  (guitar tab)
Orphan Girl  (guitar chord)
Pancho And Lefty  (guitar tab)
Pledging My Love  (guitar tab)
Poncho & Lefty  (guitar tab)
Prayer In Open D  (guitar tab)
Price I Pay  (guitar tab)
Racing In The Street  (guitar tab)
Raise The Dead  (guitar tab)
Red Dirt Girl  (guitar tab)
Rhythm Guitar  (guitar tab)
Rollin & Ramblin  (guitar tab)
Rollin And Ramblin  (guitar tab)
Rose Of Cimarron  (guitar tab)
Roses In The Snow  (guitar tab)
Rough and Rocky  (guitar tab)
Satans Jewel Crown  (guitar tab)
She  (guitar tab)
Sin City  (guitar tab)
Sisters Coming Home  (guitar tab)
Sisters Of Mercy  (guitar tab)
Sleepless Nights  (guitar tab)
Slow Surprise  (guitar tab)
Smoke Along The Track  (guitar tab)
So Sad  (guitar tab)
Son Of A Rotten Gambler  (guitar tab)
Sorrow In The Wind  (guitar tab)
Spanish Johnny  (guitar tab)
Stranger Song  (guitar tab)
Sweet Dreams  (guitar tab)
Sweet Dreams Of You  (guitar tab)
Sweet Old World  (guitar tab)
Sweet Spot  (guitar tab)
Sweetheart Of The Pines  (guitar tab)
Sweetheart Of The Rodeo  (guitar tab)
Telling Me Lies  (guitar tab)
Tennessee Rose  (guitar tab)
Thanks To You  (guitar tab)
The Angels Rejoiced  (guitar tab)
The Ballad Of Sally Rose  (guitar tab)
The Last Cheater's Waltz  (guitar tab)
The Light  (guitar tab)
The Maker  (guitar tab)
The Pain Of Loving You  (guitar tab)
The Pearl  (guitar tab)
The Price You Pay  (guitar tab)
The Sweetest Gift  (guitar tab)
Those Memories Of You  (guitar tab)
Till I Gain Control Again  (guitar tab)
To Daddy  (guitar tab)
To Daddy 2  (guitar tab)
Together Again  (guitar tab)
Too Far Gone  (guitar tab)
Tougher Than The Rest  (guitar tab)
Tragedy  (guitar tab)
Tulsa Queen  (guitar tab)
Two More Bottles Of Wine  (guitar tab)
Valerie  (guitar tab)
Walls Of Time  (guitar tab)
Waltz You Saved For Me  (guitar tab)
Wayfaring Stranger  (guitar tab)
Well Sweep Out The Ashes  (guitar tab)
West Texas Waltz  (guitar tab)
Western Wall  (guitar tab)
Wheels  (guitar tab)
Wheels 2  (guitar tab)
Wheels Of Love  (guitar tab)
When I Stop Dreaming  (guitar tab)
When I Was Yours  (guitar tab)
When Were Gone Long Gone  (guitar tab)
Where Could I Go  (guitar tab)
Where Will I Be  (guitar tab)
White Line  (guitar tab)
White Shoes  (guitar tab)
Woman Walk The Line  (guitar tab)
Wrecking Ball  (guitar tab)
Wrecking Ball 2  (guitar tab)
You Can Never Tell  (guitar tab)
You Dont Know Me  (guitar tab)
Youll Never Be The Sun  (guitar tab)
Your Long Journey  (guitar tab)
Youre Free To Go  (guitar tab)
Youre Learning  (guitar tab)
Youve Been On My Mind  (guitar tab)