Guided by Voices

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A Good Flying Bird  (guitar tab)
Alien Lanes  (guitar tab)
Alien Lanes  (guitar chord)
Awful Bliss  (guitar tab)
Awful Bliss  (guitar chord)
Bright Paper Werewolves  (guitar tab)
Bright Paper Werewolves  (guitar chord)
Circus World  (guitar tab)
Circus World  (guitar chord)
Cut Out Witch  (guitar tab)
Cut Out Witch  (guitar chord)
Drinkers Peace  (guitar tab)
Echoes Myron  (guitar tab)
Echoes Myron  (guitar chord)
Exit Flagger  (guitar tab)
Exit Flagger  (guitar chord)
Game Of Pricks  (guitar tab)
Game Of Pricks  (guitar chord)
Gleemer  (guitar tab)
Gleemer  (guitar chord)
Hold On Hope  (guitar chord)
I Am A Scientist  (guitar tab)
I Am A Scientist  (guitar chord)
I Am A Tree  (guitar tab)
Jar Of Cardinals  (guitar tab)
Jar Of Cardinals  (guitar chord)
Kicker Of Elves  (guitar tab)
Kicker Of Elves  (guitar chord)
Motor Away  (guitar tab)
Motor Away  (guitar chord)
My Valuable Hunting Knife  (guitar tab)
My Valuable Hunting Knife  (guitar chord)
Over The Neptune  (guitar tab)
Over The Neptune  (guitar chord)
Quality Of Armor  (guitar tab)
Quality Of Armor  (guitar chord)
Red Gas Circle  (guitar tab)
Red Gas Circle  (guitar chord)
Rhine Jive Click  (guitar tab)
Rhine Jive Click  (guitar chord)
Teenage Fbi  (guitar tab)
The Goldheart Mountaintop  (guitar tab)
The Goldheart Mountaintop  (guitar chord)
Tractor Rape Chain  (guitar tab)
Under The Bushes  (guitar tab)
Under The Bushes  (guitar chord)
Underwater Explosions  (guitar tab)
Underwater Explosions  (guitar chord)
Unleashed  (guitar tab)
Unleashed  (guitar chord)
Uphill Crick  (guitar tab)
Wandering Boy Poet  (guitar tab)
Wandering Boy Poet  (guitar chord)
Weed King  (guitar tab)
Weed King  (guitar chord)