Dwight Yoakam

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1000 Miles  (guitar chord)
1000 Miles intro  (guitar tab)
20 Years  (guitar chord)
20 Years lead  (guitar tab)
A Long Way Home  (guitar chord)
A Place To Cry  (guitar chord)
A Promise You Can't Keep  (guitar chord)
A World Of Blue  (guitar chord)
Ain't That Lonely Yet  (guitar chord)
Alright, I'm Wrong  (guitar chord)
Always Late With Your Kisses  (guitar chord)
An Exception To The Rule  (guitar chord)
Baby Don't Go  (guitar chord)
Baby Why Not  (guitar chord)
Back Of Your Hand  (guitar tab)
Blame The Vain  (guitar tab)
Blame The Vain  (guitar chord)
Blame The Vain intro  (guitar tab)
Bury Me  (guitar tab)
Bury Me  (guitar chord)
Bury Me Acoustic intro  (guitar tab)
Carmelita  (guitar chord)
Cattle Call  (guitar tab)
Claudette  (guitar tab)
Come On Christmas  (guitar chord)
Crazy Little Thing solo  (guitar tab)
Dangerous Man  (guitar chord)
Dixie  (guitar chord)
Does It Show  (guitar chord)
Doin' What I Did  (guitar tab)
Don't Be Sad  (guitar chord)
Down Where The River Bends  (guitar chord)
Dreams Of Clay  (guitar tab)
Fair to Midland  (guitar chord)
Fast as You  (guitar tab)
Fast as You  (guitar chord)
Fast As You intro  (guitar tab)
Floyd County  (guitar chord)
For Love's Sake  (guitar tab)
Free To Go  (guitar chord)
Gone (That'll Be Me)  (guitar chord)
Guitars, Cadillacs  (guitar tab)
Guitars, Cadillacs  (guitar chord)
Guitars, Cadillacs intro  (guitar tab)
Guitars, Cadillacs solo  (guitar tab)
Heart Of Stone  (guitar chord)
Heartaches by the Number  (guitar chord)
Here Comes The Night  (guitar tab)
Hey Little Girl  (guitar tab)
Hold On To God  (guitar chord)
Home for Sale  (guitar chord)
Home of The Blues  (guitar chord)
Honky Tonk Man  (guitar chord)
Honky Tonk Man (full)  (guitar tab)
I Don't Need It Done  (guitar chord)
I Got You  (guitar tab)
I Hear You Knockin'  (guitar tab)
I Sang Dixie  (guitar tab)
I Sang Dixie  (guitar chord)
I Wanna Love Again  (guitar chord)
I Wanna Love Again intro  (guitar tab)
I Was There  (guitar tab)
I'd Avoid Me Too  (guitar chord)
I'll Be Gone  (guitar chord)
I'll Be Gone (corrected)  (guitar chord)
I'll Be Gone intro  (guitar tab)
I'll Go Back To Her  (guitar chord)
I'll Just Take These  (guitar chord)
I'll Pretend  (guitar chord)
I'm Bad I'm Nationwide  (guitar chord)
If Teardrops Were Diamonds  (guitar chord)
If There Was a Way  (guitar chord)
Intentional Heartache  (guitar chord)
It Is Well With My Soul  (guitar chord)
It Only Hurts When I Cry  (guitar chord)
It Won't Hurt  (guitar chord)
Johnson's Love  (guitar tab)
Johnson's Love  (guitar chord)
Just Passin' Time  (guitar chord)
King of Fools  (guitar chord)
Late Great Golden State  (guitar chord)
Let's Work Together  (guitar chord)
Let's Work Together intro  (guitar tab)
Listen  (guitar chord)
Little Chapel  (guitar chord)
Little Chapel lead  (guitar tab)
Little Sister  (guitar tab)
Little Sister  (guitar chord)
Little Ways  (guitar chord)
Lonesome Roads  (guitar chord)
Long White Cadillac  (guitar tab)
Long White Cadillac  (guitar chord)
Long White Cadillac intro  (guitar tab)
Love Caught Up To Me  (guitar tab)
Lucky That Way  (guitar chord)
Miner's Prayer  (guitar chord)
Miner's Prayer (2)  (guitar chord)
Near You  (guitar chord)
Never Hold You  (guitar chord)
No Future In Sight  (guitar chord)
No Such Thing  (guitar chord)
North To Alaska  (guitar chord)
Nothing  (guitar chord)
Nothing's Changed Here  (guitar chord)
One More Name  (guitar chord)
One More Night  (guitar chord)
Only Want You More  (guitar chord)
Paradise  (guitar chord)
Playboy  (guitar chord)
Please, Please, Baby  (guitar tab)
Pocket of a Clown  (guitar chord)
Pocket Of A Clown solo  (guitar tab)
Population Me  (guitar chord)
Promise You Can't Keep  (guitar chord)
Readin', Rightin', Rt.23  (guitar tab)
Ring of Fire  (guitar tab)
Rocky Road Blues  (guitar chord)
Sad, Sad Music  (guitar chord)
Same Fool  (guitar chord)
Santa Can't Stay  (guitar chord)
Send a Message to My Heart  (guitar chord)
Send Me The Pillow  (guitar tab)
She'll Remember  (guitar chord)
Smoke Along The Track  (guitar tab)
Smoke Along The Track  (guitar chord)
Some Dark Holler  (guitar chord)
Somewhere  (guitar tab)
Sorry You Asked  (guitar chord)
South of Cincinnati  (guitar chord)
Stayin' Up Late  (guitar chord)
Streets Of Bakersfield  (guitar chord)
Suspicious Minds  (guitar tab)
Suspicious Minds  (guitar chord)
Suspicious Minds lead  (guitar tab)
T For Texas  (guitar tab)
T For Texas  (guitar chord)
Tears For Two  (guitar tab)
That's Okay  (guitar chord)
The Back Of Your Hand  (guitar chord)
The Back Of Your Hand ( 3)  (guitar chord)
The Curse  (guitar tab)
The Darkest Hour  (guitar chord)
The Heart That You Own  (guitar chord)
The Heartaches Are Free  (guitar chord)
The Last Heart In Line  (guitar chord)
The Last Surrender  (guitar chord)
The Last Time  (guitar chord)
The Late Great Golden State  (guitar chord)
The Locomotion  (guitar chord)
The Sad Side Of Town  (guitar chord)
These Arms  (guitar tab)
Thing Called Love  (guitar chord)
Things Change  (guitar chord)
Things Change (acoustic)  (guitar tab)
Things Change intro  (guitar tab)
Things We Said Today  (guitar tab)
Thinking About Leaving  (guitar chord)
This Drinkin'll Kill Me  (guitar chord)
This Much I Know  (guitar chord)
This Time  (guitar tab)
Three Good Reasons  (guitar chord)
Throughout All Time  (guitar tab)
Throughout All Time  (guitar chord)
Time Spent Missing You  (guitar chord)
Tired Of Waiting For You  (guitar chord)
Train In Vain  (guitar chord)
Trains Boats & Planes  (guitar chord)
Traveler's Lantern  (guitar tab)
Truckin'  (guitar chord)
Try Not to Look So Pretty  (guitar tab)
Try Not to Look So Pretty  (guitar chord)
Two Doors Down  (guitar chord)
Understand Your Man  (guitar chord)
Watch Out  (guitar chord)
What Do You Know About Love  (guitar chord)
What I Don't Know  (guitar chord)
What's Left Of Me  (guitar tab)
What's Left Of Me  (guitar chord)
Wheels  (guitar chord)
When I First Came Here  (guitar chord)
Wild Ride  (guitar tab)
Wild Ride  (guitar chord)
Witchita Lineman  (guitar tab)
Yet To Succeed  (guitar chord)
You're the One  (guitar chord)