David Allan Coe

David Allan Coe - Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands guitar chord

"David Allan Coe" "w/Bill Anderson"

"Get A Little Dirt on Your Hands"

"CD" "For The Record"

"Transcribe" sanoma@onewest.net

(Verse 1)*Bill Anderson*

(E)When I was a little boy my(A)daddy use to(B)say to me(E)son.

(E)We got a lota land and we(A)got a lot of(B)work to be (E)done.

(A)so go get your marbles and(E)put e'm in the house.

(A)Tear down your (B)castles in the(E)sand.

(A)Come with your Daddy to the(E)cotton patch.

(A)and get a little dirt on your(E) hands .

(A)Get a little(G)dirt on your hands.


(E)Get a little dirt on your (C#m)hands boy.

(E)Get a little dirt on your(C#m)hands.

(E)If you wan'na grow up to be a(A) big,big man.

(E)Get a little(G)dirt on your (E)hands.

(Verse 2)*D.A.C. *A step Higher*

Well I reached twenty one.And I thought I was a pretty big Wheel.

Left the country for the city.Met a slicker with a shady deal.

He said hold up the bank boy,Take all the money,

Run as Fast as you can.

The only way you'll ever get along in this world.

Is to get a little dirt on your hands.Get a little dirt on your hands.

(Repeat Chorous)

(Verse 3)*D.A.C.*

Well it's four in the morning,and thw warden is calling my name.

Said hes teaching me a lesson,Gonna make me work in the rain.

Dig that ditch boy and fill it up.I'm wantin you to understand.

The only way to streighten out a guy like you.

Is to get a little dirt on his hands.

(Repeat Chorous"

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