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The Bottle
written by David Allan Coe
Album: "For the Soul and For the Mind Demo's '71-'74"

INTRO: A7  C  G  A7

D            G                   D
Just because I drink more than I used to
                   A7               D     D7
Doesn't mean that you're the one to blame
G                                 D
Just because I come home a little later every night
E7                              A7-C-G-A7
Doesn't mean that I'm living in shame

          D             G                 D
Lord it's not you, it's me that should be sorry
               A7              D       D7
I've neglected you more than I should
G                           D
You say we can work it out together
E7                        A7-C-G-A7
It would be so easy if we could

    G                             D
But how can I explain the way I'm feelin'
                    A7              D       D7
I've always kept my feelings locked inside
     G                        D
It's easier to tell them to a stranger
    E7                                  A7-C-G-A7
And drinking seems to soothe my wounded mind

      D        G                  D
Maybe someday I'll be the way you want me
                       A7           D       D7
It seems I've let this bottle take command
G                                    D
You say you don't think it holds the answer
       A7                         A7  C  G  D
Oh but sometimes it helps me be a man 
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